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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Roundup

Thursday is our day to share all the great giveaways our Mommies are holding on each of our sites and also the giveaways held here on Mommies United! Each Thursday we will bring you a list of current giveaways!

If you are a blogger and are holding a giveaway on your site please let us know and we will add your link to THIS post. Please let us know when your giveaway ends as well.


Mommies United:

Win Three Halloween BabyLegs!
Win three pairs of the cute Halloween themed BabyLegs. Hurry the giveaway ends on Oct. 24th

In time for the Holidays Giveaway
Win a sheet of Holiday personalized stamps from Karate Kat Graphics.winner can choose one of 20 designs, including some that can be personalized with a family (or individual) name. This giveaway ends on Nov. 2nd



Care Bears Flurries of Fun
WIN: one of five copies
ENDS: Oct. 24th

Barney’s I Love You Gift Set Giveaway
WIN: one winner will receive the gift set
ENDS: Oct. 25th

Thomas & Friends™ Whistle Express Collection Giveaway
WIN: one winner will receive the collection
ENDS: Oct. 26th

Books for Kids & Giveaway
WIN: one copy each of Mail Harry to the Moon and The Day Leo Said I Hate You
ENDS: Oct. 30th

Are you TTC? I have some great items to be won!
WIN: three fertiltiy products
ENDS: Oct. 30th

The ClipChic from Stylagio
WIN: I have two (2) ClipChic to giveaway. One Black and one white.
ENDS: Oct. 30th

Win an Ipod Shuffle from Ciao
WIN: an iPod Shuffle
ENDS: Oct. 31st

Breast Cancer Awareness & Giveaways!
WIN:One winner will receive a SwaddleDesigns - Baby Burpie SetOne winner will receive a pair of Karen Neuburger’s Lounge Socks ($15)
ENDS: Oct. 31st

Can You Guess? GIVEAWAY
WIN: a 15 dollar GC to Scribble It
ENDS: Nov. 1st

Tinkerbell DVD Giveaway
WIN: one of two DVDs and Tink wings
ENDS: Nov. 5th

The Girls love Fiber Gourmet
WIN: a starter set
ENDS: Nov. 5th

Tiny Prints "Slushy to Chic" Holiday Greeting Card Contest!
WIN: 50 of the selected card, 72 address labels, and 60 stamps with the matching card design.
ENDS: Nov. 7th

All of Amanda's giveawys can be found here.


CHRISTINE at From Dates To Diapers and Beyond :

Folgers' Wake-Up Call
WIN: one of two pink Folger's cofffee cans
ENDS: Oct. 28th

Birthday Party Planning (A Giveaway!)
WIN: win a copy of Dear Peppers and Pollywogs
ENDS: Oct. 31st

Unique Party Favors and Gift
win a $50 Beau-Coup gift card
ENDS: Oct.31st

Then She Found Me
win a copy of Then She Found Me
ENDS: Oct. 31st

Snow Cones in October?
WIN: a Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver
ENDS: Oct. 31st

Time to Party!


You can find all of Christine's giveaways here.


KRISTIN at An Ordinary Life :

Celebrate With Political Cards from Hallmark
WIN: four Hallmark Political Birthday cards
ENDS: Oct. 27th

Caillou Capture Children With an All New DVD
WIN: on of three copies of Caillou
ENDS: Oct. 29th

Help Create and Share Memories with Sony
WIN: a Sony digital picture frame
ENDS: Oct. 29th

Barbie Adds Zoo Doctor To Her Resume
WIN: two Barbie I Can Be Zoo Doctor
ENDS: Oct. 31st

Build A Bear Makes Memories For a Lifetime
WIN: a $25.00 GC to Build a Bear
ENDS: Nov. 8th

Ciao! Offers A Great New Site (win a $150 Apple Gift Card)
WIN: a 150 dollar GC to Apple
ENDS: Nov. 10th

Step2 Makes Christmas Special This Year
WIN: LifeStyle Custom Kitchen
ENDS: Nov. 17th


Our Blogger Friend's Giveaways:
leave us a comment and we will add you here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Go see what the Mommies posted for Wordless Wednesday today!

Remember, if you posted a WW, leave your blog address and we'll come check it out! For more WW go to 5M4M.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Win Three Halloween BabyLegs!


The winner is:Sandy

It is fall and we are all getting ready for Halloween!! Us Mommies love to keep our little ones nice and toasty so it was such a treat when BabyLegs sent us three a pair of the new Halloween leg warmers. All are very cute, the Witch is purple and black stripes, Itsy Bitsy are black with white spiders and the punkins, well are orange and look like little jack-o-lanterns. They are adorable!

BabyLegs look adorable on all kids, from infants to big kids. We love putting them on our girls when they are wearing skirts.

Amanda & Kristin have their girls wear them during Ballet class.

Christine has put them on baby Noah to keep his little legs warm.

Nicole Donnelly, then a stay-at-home mom, created BabyLegs to keep her dear
daughter, Sara’s, little legs warm, while she was diaper free to allow bad
rashes to heal. This impromptu invention not only allowed Sara’s rash to heal,
but also protected her from many elements, made diaper changes quick and easy,
kept her knees protected while crawling, and provided sun protection. Beyond all
of these benefits, the leg warmers were also very fashionable. After numerous
inquiries from other moms about where Donnelly found the little leg warmers, she
began selling her invention out of a diaper bag, and the popularity of BabyLegs
spread quickly throughout the community. BabyLegs can now be found in over 50
countries from Israel to Chile to Iceland. That is our rash to riches story – we
hope you enjoy our sweet BabyLegs.

A three apck of Halloween baby Legs. Punkin, Itsy Bitsy, and Witch

come up with your Favorite Costume incorporating a pair of your favorite BabyLegs Design (does not have to be one of the three featured)

This giveaway will end on October 24th

In time for the Holidays Giveaway

Winner will be announced!

We know that most people still send Christmas Cards the old fashion way... snail mail! Us Mommies still do. There is nothing better then receiving cards from those we love.

We would love to share with you some of the neatest personalized stamps we have ever seen.

Mary and her 3 kids (ages 11, 10, and 10) collaborate together on a web gallery, Karate Kat Graphics. The kids provide original artwork, and she builds it into playful but polished products for all ages, baby through adult and family. They give half of every dollar earned to children's charities--in 2008, to Save the Children.

Their products are special, affordable, and in many cases customizable. They range from Ts and aprons to cards and stickers to custom Keds. Their bestselling product type, and probably their favorite to design, is custom postage.

Karate Kat has postage designs for every occasion. They make great gifts, too. Browse the gallery and save $2/sheet when you buy 2 or more sheets of stamps. Mix and match designs if you like. Purchase 3+ sheets and get free shipping with promo code FREESHIPPOST, in addition to the $2/sheet discount!

A sheet of Holiday personalized stamps from Karate Kat Graphics.
winner can choose one of 20 designs, including some that can be personalized with a family (or individual) name.

To enter, please visit the Holiday personalized stamps and in a comment tell us which stamp sheet you would like.

This giveaway will end on November 2nd!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I wanted to say a thank you

to MomSelect and Disneyland for sending my family to Disneyland this past weekend. We had so much fun!!

While waiting in line for the Mickey's Trick or Treat Party to start I got to meet Caryn from Rockin Mama,
Disneyland08 001
Please come on over to read more about our trip to Disneyland and to see more pictures HERE.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Calling All Pregnant Moms

Mommies United is a place for all Mommies to connect. We started this place in hope of bringing moms together. That was the idea, so pregnant moms I am asking you. Who wants to join in on a series of posts about pregnancy?

If you are interested please contact us, or leave a comment. I am also hoping to get a few product reviews for expecting moms so let us know as soon as possible. I hope we can better connect with you all in the near future!

Saying Goodbye!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who read MU for making my time here so wonderful! It was hard for me to make this decision to leave MU...but I have decided to leave to be able to spend more time with my family! But, I will not be far away..please come visit me at and Thanks for your support!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


All of us Mommies have been so busy the past couple of weeks! How about all of you? Are you getting ready for Halloween? Can you believe it, it's almost Halloween! So I got a call from hubby while I was at my day job on Monday...he told me he went and bought the kids Halloween costume. I couldn't believe it!!! I have no say, in what my peanuts are wearing?? Well, hubby told me he let Nevaeh pick it out herself and he did tell her what to pick. So when I got home he had them in their costumes. Korbyn my little 1.5 year old was in the tiniest DARTH VADER costume and it had a tiny little cape. ADORABLE! Nevaeh came running out of her room dressed a STORM TROOPER! YEP, hubby is a BIG fan of STAR WARS and it doesn't surprise me one bit. I can't wait to share the pictures with you guys! We are going to the pumpin path this weekend so hopefully I can snap some pictures early. So does your child have their costume picked out? Or are you a procrastinator? Share your ideas with us!! Shanda

Here are some of our favorite posts from the past week!


Amanda's girls are enjoying their new LEARNING TOWER!

Kristin wants you to win.......THIS

Shanda would love you to join her team!

All the Mommies wanted to pay a tribute to Amanda and Kristins DAD!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shout Out Saturday! Mellisa Jennings

MJennings Designs Introduces...Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Charms!

We are so excited to share this new addition to MJennings Designs Jewelry line. From letters A-Z, Numbers 0-9 and the symbol &. There are charms available in the following shapes: circle, oval, square, rectangle, scalloped, heart and dog tags. They come in a variety of sizes as well! Hand stamped charms are perfect for a simple neoprene, leather or chain necklace or bracelet as well as a key chain. Another neat idea is to make a tag for your children to wear with Mom's cell phone number in case they get lost while you are out and about.

To order your own hand stamped jewelry piece visit MJennings Designs.

Project Pink and Munchkin

Project Pink + Munchkin

From now through the end of October, Munchkin is playing a small part in helping moms focus on their own health by putting a spotlight on breast cancer prevention. Project Pink is a program that raises money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and reminds moms, “don’t duck a breast exam.” So whether you buy a pink duck or simply spread the word, you can help moms stay healthy so they can get back to being great parents.

Here are some ways you can be a part of this campaign:

Each of us Mommies received some fabulous products from Munchkin along with one of the Pink Ducks. We all really enjoyed the fabulous products. We have all been fans of Munchkin products and were so eager to try out some new items.

A few items we all agree are a must is the DIAPER DUCK™ TRAVEL BUDDY™ DISPENSER

This diaper bag dispenser is going places.

Seriously, how many times have you been in public and had a blow out diaper and not have a baggie to stick it in? We don't like stinking up a bathroom with these stinky messes, so having a baggie to throw them in is just a little cleaner and less stinky. Why rummage through a diaper bag for your dirty diaper holders. The adorable Diaper Duck™ fits in your bag and is easy to spot. They’re also great to keep in the car and in your stroller pocket for when you’re out. It’s compact with easy-tear bags that have a fresh baby powder scent. There’s even a rewind feature to keep little hands from unroll the bags. Just use and toss. Moms think the product is just ducky!

Also for those babies who like music and lights, then check out the Voice Activated Crib Light. Now the light of your life has a better way to be lulled back to sleep. Soothing womb sounds and 3 colored lights cycle on for 10 minutes the moment it hears your baby cry. They’re the perfect combination to ease your baby into slumber-land…which means you can get back to sleep, too.. And the lights are just the right brightness for nighttime checking or diaper changing. We call it a crib light… but you’ll call it a small miracle.

There are many fabulous Munchkin products out there. You can find them at your local grocery store, and stores like Target and Walmart.

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Amanda shares how much she loves the Crib Light in her Maternity Week Baby Special.

Kristin loves the large dishwasher basket, and shares more fabulous products in her Maternity Week Baby Special.

Shanda shares about the Project Pink Campaign.

Christine shares about the Project Pink Campaign .

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fabulous Tip Friday!

Friday's Fabulous Tip:

I wanted to share a great recipe from a friend of mine! Cydney from Savvy Girl & Company!

Oh another tip....check out her AWESOME JEWLERY!!! Also, she is having a naming check it out!
Thanks for sharing your recipe my SAVVY FRIEND! Shanda

1 1/2 cups flour
4 Tbls. powdered sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
4 eggs
1 1/3 cups evaporated milk
1 cup water
Blend and pour 1/4 cup batter onto non-stick pan or crepe pan. Fill with fruit, yogurt, syrup, eggs, chicken, etc.Enjoy!Crepes have been in our family for years and we hope you enjoy this version. It's always a hit!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We moved!

Amanda here, I am so excited to share with everyone about my move. That is why I have not been online the past week. We moved. Into our OWN home!
I am just in love with my house too. I plan on doing a "video walk through" tomorrow. LOL!
But for now, here are a few pictures to tide everyone over with!

The pictures are a bit fuzzy.
Here is mine & Hubby's bathroom
a little snipit of our messy room.
my beautiful kitchen

The dining room

The kitchen again

The living room

a sneek at the girls room

the girls bathroom, and yes that tub is amazing

anyways, here are a few pictures of our new home, and yes I LOVE it!!!