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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Belisi For Father's Day Giveaway (and winner)

We first wanted to share our winner for our Mother's Day Giveaway from Belisi is:

Emilie said...
I would have to pick the Silver Lake Square Silk Scarf but I like a lot of the others, too. Thanks for the contest.

For Father's Day we highly recommend getting Hubby or your S/O one of the silk Neckties Experience the luxury of Belisi handmade silk ties. Belisi silk ties are hand-made with more silk per inch than ordinary silk ties, creating a fuller knot—the hallmark of classic elegance. Belisi standard men’s ties measure 56”, and our extra-long ties provide an ample 63” of luxury silk fabric. Big & Tall men love our large selection of extra-long ties available at no additional cost. Belisi. Beautiful.

Most of the ties are on sale right now for the Father's Day Sale. You can receive 25% off on a lot of gifts for Men!

Another gift that Dad's would love, is the Cuff links. They are beautiful. From classic elegance to trendy sophistication, these men's cuff links are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Experience these designer cuff links including - diamond cuff links, silver cuff links, crystal cuff links and enamel cuff links.

Amanda and Kristin featured Belisi in their Father's Day Gift Guide

Christine featured Belisi in her From Dates to Diapers Father's Day Gift Guide

Shanda loves her husband in Belisi.

Would you like a chance to win a tie and cuff link set from Belisi? To enter, leave us a comment and let us know why you would like to win! Also, be sure to leave us a valid email address, if you don't we have no way of contacting you!

This giveaway will run until June 14th.

This giveaway is now over.

The Baby Bunch

Are you looking for the perfect baby gift but have no idea what to get? Or going to a baby shower and stumped on what item to get for the new baby? If yes, then we highly recommend checking out Baby Bunch. The Baby Bunch is a totally new gift to the market. It consists of a beautifully wrapped bouquet of infant clothing enhanced with fabric, paper and wood flowers and leaves. The Baby Bunch is the ideal gift to take to your next baby shower. When visiting a friend or family member in the hospital, why take flowers – take a bouquet of baby clothes! The Baby Bunch is an innovative centerpiece for a baby shower.

They also offer gifts for new moms or any woman for that matter. Send a Thanks a Bunch!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts!

Kristin's thoughts here
Amanda's thoughts here
Shanda's thought here

Sweet Extravaganza WEEK SEVEN and winner


Our winner for WEEK SIX is: Jamie from Bubbles & Bath Water congratulations!

Jaime said...
My husband is from England and LOVES "Fairy Cakes" (a.k.a cupcakes to us Americans)! His Aunty makes them from scratch and at a moments notice whenever requested. Being a new wife and trying to live up to Aunty Mary, I made my box mix cupcakes with canned frosting and they were a hit! He couldn't believe how good they were and then he asked..."how did you make these?" I thought about taking the credit but didn't want to hide the boxes for the next 50 years, so I fessed up! So I guess the best are made from the heart (box or no box).

Week Seven

The Cupcake Courier is proudly sponsoring a 12 week event for Mother’s! We know all you Mom’s have cupcakes to bring to class, and to parties... what better way to safely and fashionably if we may add to all your events! You will be able to bring enough cupcakes for the whole class, since it will transport thirty-six cupcakes. The three easy to remove trays allow you to access those perfect cupcakes way on the bottom.

Would you like to be a winner this week?

To enter leave a comment and tell us what you would use the Cupcake Courier For.

We will run this weeks until next Sunday June 8th
Make sure you adhere to our contest rules and please leave a valid email address if yours is not in your profile.

My kid thinks she is an animal????

Shanda's crazy story of her day today! So we thought we would share some personal things about ourselves! Well, I wanted to see who else has a crazy kid like mine. Today Nevaeh begged and begged to play outside and so I told her she had to stay in our yard and not go near the road. Oh yeah...she had to go outside in her tutu also. First she ran in the raod to get a kitty and it gave me a darn heart attack. I made her stay in for a long time as a punishment and once I knew she understood how bad that scared Mommy.

Then I let her go outside again for a little bit. She keeps coming in and out of the front door. I asked her wear her shorts went cause all she had on was her underwear and tutu...she said she pee'd in them by accident. So I look out in the driveway and there is a puddle. Not a big deal cause she never has potty accidents. But I couldn't figure out why her undies and shorts aren't wet. Well, later on I figured it out....daddy was going to walk her down the street to get some ice cream. She asked if she could wait for him outside. I said ok, and she went outside. I look out the window and see her stripping down to her bare buns!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, I yelled at her to get into the house and she just looked shocked. I couldn't believe it! When I asked her what she was doing she told me she had to go potty. I told her you don't pee in the yard, only animals do.

Now, I know my Mom told me that when I was her age, I would pee in the sandbox because I wanted to play with the kids so bad. She couldn't get me to come in for anything! So I thought I would talk to Nevaeh about it and ask her if she new that the neighbors don't want to see her privees! Nor do they want to see her potty in the yard. All she said is that it was an accident and she wanted to be an animal! Goodness little pumpkin. Even though it bothered me...she really doesn't understand all the things that go through a Moms mind when you see your kid doing that. But, then I look at her face and I can't be mad! I love my kid to death! Even if she wants to be an animal! Anyone esle having a day like mine?????

Friday, May 30, 2008

Edible Greetings

We don't know about you guys, but we all get really tired of sending the same ole' Hallmark cards. Why not trying sending a GREETING CARD COOKIE ? Do something different and get noticed for your efforts. Plus, any child would love to get the a cookie instead of a cardboard greeting card. Greeting Card Cookies offer a ton of styles for any occasion.

Red Our Mommies Thoughts:

Amanda loves the cookies, read here

Kristin thought they were very tasty

Shanda thinks its time to deliver something different.

Christine's thoughts coming soon!

Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids

Meet Julie Hall: An Interview with the Author of A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids

What made you write this book?
Quite honestly I was feeling depressed and overwhelmed by global warming and the lack of response to it. I was reading more and more about it and, as many of us do, feeling helpless to do anything meaningful to fight the problem other than the lifestyle things I’ve done for years, like compost, recycle, buy organic, use a push mower, help animals, ride my bike, and so on. Especially as a parent, I was feeling deeply concerned for my daughter and what she and her generation were inheriting. And then I found myself writing a book to educate kids on the topic and motivate them to get involved.

I suppose I was impelled forward by a desire to help and a desire to make myself feel better by helping. As with all the writing I do, writing this book was a learning journey for me, a way to teach myself more about the topic and to feel involved with it in an active, positive way. Given the subject matter, immersing myself in the research and writing was not easy, but in the end it was cathartic and gratifying.

Global warming is a heavy topic. Why do you think it’s important to talk to kids about it?
It’s necessary to talk to our kids about it precisely because it is such an important and serious issue. I don’t believe in lying to kids, either directly or by omission. Parents who think they are protecting their kids by depriving them of awareness or information are doing their children a great disservice. Often what these parents are really doing is trying to protect themselves, and by shielding their kids they are perpetuating their own denial. The only protection from global warming is awareness, action, and fundamental change. That is the unfortunate fact.

When we do not talk about climate change with our kids and do not respond to the problem appropriately at home through lifestyle changes, we are communicating fear and/or indifference. We are also depriving our kids of the opportunity to help make things better. The fact is, our kids know climate change is happening, and they are scared. Parents need to help their kids handle their fears and move beyond them into positive action.

What advice do you have for parents about how to talk about climate change with their kids?
I would say the place to start is examining your own thoughts and feelings about it and educating yourself. Many adults have told me that they learned a lot from reading my book. I actually wrote it with parents and teachers in mind as well as kids. My intention was to present a clear, straightforward explanation of the major causes and effects of climate change, a sampling of the good work people are doing to reduce it, and an inspiring call to action for families and schools.

Obviously how parents discuss climate change depends on the child’s age. Kids themselves are usually your best guide as to how much they are ready to hear, and they will let you know with questions. With very young kids it is good to talk about the positive things you are doing in your household to help the earth. It is also so important to teach and model humility and appreciation for the natural world, for other living things, for Earth’s natural processes. As I say in the book, if kids care about the earth and living things, they will be far more motivated to work to protect them. They will also be much happier and more whole beings, so connecting kids with nature and with their animal selves is an all around great thing to do. With older kids, help them understand what is happening.

My book is a perfect tool to help older kids understand the science and social issues around climate change. And it is full of positive actions that parents and kids can do together to work. My hope is that parents will read the book with their kids, discuss it, and work together on the activities to really bring about change at home and in the community.

In the book you ask kids to identify fears they have about global warming and consider possible solutions. What are your biggest fears about global warming?
Well one of my biggest fears is that we won’t do enough about it in time to turn the tide. It is too late to prevent it from happening, because it has already started to happen, and it appears that what is already in motion cannot be reversed. But there is still time for us to prevent it from becoming much worse. We have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and reinvent ourselves. One thing the human species has demonstrated throughout history is how extraordinarily adaptive we are.

My hope is that that adaptivity will emerge in new and trans formative ways that will make our lives ultimately happier and more meaningful by reconnecting us with the earth and our animal selves. Kids especially are full of creative energy and are flexible and capable of great growth and change.

Congressman Jay Inslee described your book as a “vision of change.” How would you characterize your vision?
While my book provides lots of ideas about how to fight climate change both on a societal and personal level, it is not simply a catalog of actions. Nor is it merely a science lesson. The book expresses my belief that kids (and their adults) need to reconnect with the earth to heal it and heal ourselves. It isn’t enough just to switch to renewable energy sources. We need to rein-vision and rearrange our lives: how we farm, how we eat, how we organize our communities, how we set up our homes, how we see ourselves in relation to other living things.

Particularly in so-called developed countries, we need a shift in values away from imbalanced consumption toward balanced living. My book challenges and encourages kids, parents, and teachers to change their thinking as well as their behavior. It helps kids examine their assumptions about their place in the world and about what matters to them.

What advice do you have for kids who want to get involved to fight global warming?
Read my book! Do what you’re good at. If you like to make movies, make one about helping the earth. If you like to organize things, put together a green event in your school or community. If you like animals, help at a shelter or create animal habitat in your yard or community. Another thing is believe in yourself and believe in the future. Life is resilient. Earth has endured many changes, and we humans are part of the natural order. I would also tell kids to get started now!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Shanda thinks everyone needs a copy of this book!
Kristin recommends this book to all parents
Amanda passed the book around to the local Elementary school teachers

Dapple Giveaway Winner

I really wish that we could give everyone who entered a bottle of dish soap, but we could only pick one winner. Were so glad to see so many people wanting to be more "green" and earth friendly! Thank you to everyone!

The winner of the Dapple giveaway is:

Jenny from Oney Family Moments who said...
This is great! I want to be sure my newborn's bottles are super clean and I'd love to do it in eco-friendly fashion. I'm definitely intrigued by this new concept and would love to have a free set to get started.

The winner will receive 3 bottles of dish liquid and 3 boxes of auto dish powder!! Congratulations on winning!

Busy, Busy!

We want to apologize for not being around much this week... It seemed like the week just flew by before our eyes.

All of the Mommies have been extremely busy! Here's what we've been up to:

  • Kristin has been busy doing homework. Getting through finals is never fun, but she has somehow made it such!
  • Shanda has had a family emergency. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!
  • Christine always has a lot going on with her 6 kiddos, but this week seemed to be more challenging than others.
  • Amanda has been helping with her mother-in-law's kindergarten class and has been busy preparing for open house.
What have you been up to? Are you as busy as we are?

Fabulous Tip Friday


Today over at From Dates to Diapers, I talked about how I get the kiddos involved in helping with chores around the house. If you make it a game, anything can be fun!

Is there a not-so-fun activity that YOU have made into a game to encourage your kiddos (or maybe yourself) to get it done? We want to hear about it!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tomo&Eddie Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Tomo&Eddie Giveaway is:

Mindy said...
I love the simple short organic baby kimono and the fun hair ties! The kimono brings new style and sweetness to the traditional side-snap newborn shirts. Perfect for avoiding the tender umbilical cord area and a cute way to show off brand new bellybuttons.

The winner will get to pick 2 Hair Accessories. (mix of 2 style, or set of one style, as the winner like.).
and 1 (natural or Kusakizome whichever the winner like) Kimono in any style.

Congratulations on winning! I will be contacting you.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Melissa Jennings Designs

MJennings Designs features adorable mommy bracelets and beaded jewelery. They can be custom designed to any style you like. You can also get a personalized bracelet for little girls.
Melissa's bracelets make perfect Bridal Gifts. Get a bracelet for your bridesmaids and flower girls.

Do you know a new mom? Get her a bracelet featuring the new babies name and birthstone!

You Can find many wonderful items at MJennings Designs. Our Mommies love the mommy bracelets!

Read our Mommies thoughts:

Amanda loves the mommy bracelets.
Christine featured MJennings Designs on her Mother's Day Gift Guide.
Kristin loves her mommy bracelet
Shanda wears her Mommy bracelet every chance she gets!

YES Essentials

YES Essentials features premium custom car intereiors. YES Essentials products are developed by Milliken & Company, a global textile and chemical company based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Milliken is a recognized leader for their commitment to the health, safety and well-being of their customers, their associates and the environment.

YES Essentials® fabrics and carpets are engineered with a unique combination of three patented polymer technologies:

  • AlphaSan® for resisting odors
  • ShockShield™ for reducing static shock
  • This combination makes YES Essentials factory installed and custom car products resilient and stain proof. Explore our amazing YES Essentials technology in more detail above.
    *All are trademarks of Milliken & Company.

    Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

    Amanda featured YES Essentials in her Father's Day Gift Guide
    Shanda's thoughts here!
  • Kristin's thoughts here

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ritzy Bitzy

OK Mamas who bottle fed we have the perfect product for you! Are you constantly changing your babies shirt because when your feeding him you realize that the bottle has leaked formula all over him? Keeping your baby comfy and dry during feedings has never been easier, thanks to this award-winning and functional Baby Bottle Bibs (patent pending). Because your baby likes drinking milk...not wearing it!

RitzyBitzy offers one very unique product called the Bottle Bib! Baby Bottle Bibs™ were created to absorb dribble and excess milk or formula that trickles out of babies’ mouths while they are feeding from a baby bottle. They are made with ultra soft and highly absorbent plush microfiber which provides the ultimate solution for messy bottle feedings. The absorbent collar also conveniently soaks up annoying bottle leaks!

Ritzy Bitzy also offers some beautiful and super soft Blankets! Be sure to check them out. They make perfect baby shower gifts!

Read our Mommies thoughts:

Amanda could have used the bottle bib from Ritzy Bitzy
Shanda has been using this for bottle feedings with Korbyn. He can hold his own bottle but I still use it.
Kristin can't wait to use it on the next baby

Pure & Honest Kids

Organic clothes for babies at Pure and Honest kids is a one stop shop for children - baby clothing, nursery d├ęcor, diaper bags, stylish furnishings, whimsical accessories, fashion, furniture and trimmings.

You can find many great items, perfect for baby showers, or birthdays.

Be sure to read their Blog and find great deals and new fun items!

Read our Mommies thoughts:

Amanda's thoughts here
Shanda's thoughts here
Kristin's thoughts here

Fabulous Tip Friday: WIN DAPPLE PRODUCTS!


Happy Friday everyone!! It's time for another Fabulous Tip!
Our Fabulous Tip comes from using this new dish soap for babies, no not for babies to use. But soap to wash their bottles, cups, nipples, plates, silverware. Us Mommies loved trying out Dapple on our kids dishes! Dapple is safe for baby and good for the environment.

What is my tip? Well when washing dirty bottles, get the water VERY hot, pour some dapple in the bottom of the bottle and fill it with half way with HOT water. Use your bottle brush to get it SUPER clean. You'll noticed that dapple leaves your bottles clean and smelling good!

Dapple™ Dishwasher Detergent – available in 32 oz. size Features specific enzymes to target the lipids and proteins commonly found in baby foods.

  • Based on natural ingredients
  • 100% phosphate, chlorine, and fragrance-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals

dapple™ Dish Liquid – available in 16 oz. size Features award-winning green technology to target milk residue and baking soda to combat odor.

  • Rinses fast
  • Natural-based ingredients
  • SLES- & dye-free
  • Fragrances with pure lavender essential oil
  • Only biodegradable, environmentally safe ingredients
  • Not tested on animals

You can purchase Dapple online at

Read what our Mommies thought of dapple:
Amanda loved dapple
Shanda loved dapple
Kristin loved dapple
Christine loved dapple, read her thoughts soon!

Win 3 bottles of dish liquid and 3 boxes of auto dish powder!!

To enter and win these awesome products just leave us a comment here telling us why you'd like to win! Be sure to visit Dapple! This giveaway will end on May 30th!!

Sweet Extravaganza WEEK SIX

Week Six

The Cupcake Courier is proudly sponsoring a 12 week event for Mother’s! We know all you Mom’s have cupcakes to bring to class, and to parties... what better way to safely and fashionably if we may add to all your events! You will be able to bring enough cupcakes for the whole class, since it will transport thirty-six cupcakes. The three easy to remove trays allow you to access those perfect cupcakes way on the bottom.

Would you like to be a winner this week?
What is the best cupcake you have ever had? Tell us all about it in your comment, and be creative!

Make sure you adhere to our contest rules and please leave a valid email address if yours is not in your profile.

Week FIVE Cupcake Courier Winner

Week Five Winner

The winner of this weeks cupcake courier giveaway is:

Joanna said...
I got mine up!

Congratulations on winning! We will be emailing you for your address!!


We Mommies are modern parents and we know you are too. Boon knows this with their innovations for modern parents. From feeding to bath time once Boon came on the scene parents were in love. Their new storage animal bag has made keeping all those stuffed animals no longer a chore. Plus will give your child extra seating in their room, the perfect two in one combo.
To their original potty bench a product two of our Mommies actually own. It is also a large sturdy stool with plenty of extra storage and even has a place for toilet paper.

That is what we love about Boon every product they have created serves a dual purpose. All while having that sleek modern look.

See what the Mommies have to say
Amanda loved the Boon Potty when she first saw it, before Sarah was a month old! Read more here.
Shanda and her kids both love the Frog Pod and the FLO...Check our Nevaeh rinsing here own hair!
Hear Kristin's long time love for Boon!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rude Chix

Today's top pick product is a T-shirt from "Rude Chix" collection. Life goes way too fast not to stop and have some fun wearing a T-shirt that may shock some of your friends or family. Wait until you see all the funny shirts they have to offer, and yes some are really BLUNT! Hey, that is what makes them so much fun and a conversation piece. They offer shirts for adults, teens, kids and babies. Why not become a RUDE CHIX yourself, come on have fun and relax! Its ok

Wanna see what the Mommies thought about being RUDE?
Shanda's thoughts on Rude Chix
Amanda likes the chonies, read why.
Kristin thought the tees were Unique
Find out which one is Christine's favorite.


At Beeyoutiful , they believe that each individual is responsible for their own health. It is not a doctor's responsibility to keep you in good health. Instead they are a tremendous resource, especially for those times when urgent care is required. But, they are only one of many resources. And the tools they use, while powerful, are not the only tools available. But a tool is worthless unless one knows how to use it.

The Mommies believe that we should all take care of ourselves and should put ourselves first. If we don't take care of ourselves how can we take care of our families?

We were lucky to try the Supermom. A High potency multi-vitamin with Spirulina and green super foods. Multiple vitamins help to bridge the nutrient gap in our daily diets. In today's world of processed foods and fast-paced lifestyles, many of us do not get the daily recommended allowance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Multiple vitamins can help fill in the areas lacking in our diets, and are formulated to provide a broad range of nutrition in a synergistic manner. SuperMom contains a huge array of vitamins and minerals essential for good health. SuperMom also contains Spirulina which increases the potency of the vitamin.

We also each got to try out the Superkids for our children. The SuperKids formula is similar to Beeyoutiful’s other “Super” products but without the iron.* And there’s no synthetic dyes or sugar to hype up your kids. Derived from real foods, every bottle of SuperKids is chock-full of antioxidants like Vitamins C and E, bioflavanoids, lycopene, and other carotenes to wage war against the free radicals assaulting your child’s body every time she eats processed food or breathes polluted air.

Read our mommies thoughts!

Amanda loved the Supermom read more here
Shanda's energy levels increased!
Kristin has so much more energy, thanks to SuperMom!
Christine thinks that BeeYoutiful's vitamins and supplements are perfect for staying healthy!

Umi Shoes

Looking for some unique shoes for your baby to toddler? Umi Shoes carries, many adorable shoes for those younger kids!

The price point is a bit high, averaging $50 a pair, but considering each shoe is handcrafted by artisans in Brazil from the highest quality materials, the classic European design that will never go out of style and those flexible soles that make them comfy as can be, it's actually quite affordable.

Read our Mommies thoughts:

Amanda's thoughts can be found here

Shanda's kids love UMI shoes!
Kristin loves Umi Shoes

Callico Critters & International Playthings

The Mommies love International Playthings. They carry many awesome products, like Callico Critters, Taggies, Wham-o, Kitchen Little and many other awesome products.
Get some great play ideas here.
International Playthings, Inc. (IPI) was established as a privately owned company in 1967 and became a subsidiary of the public company, Grand Toys International, Inc. (Nasdaq: GRIN) on March 1, 2005. International Playthings is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey and is one of the largest suppliers in the North American specialty industry.
The primary mission of IPI is to develop and supply innovative and entertaining products with superior play value and child developmental qualities to consumers. IPI has maintained the successful market focus of manufacturing and distributing exclusive brands to specialty and mid-market retailers in the US and Canada.

Read our Mommies thoughts:

Amanda's girls love their Callico Critters, read here.
Shanda and Nevaeh played with these Critters for hours and hours and hours! :)
Kristin's little Kai loved the little critters

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Regionz Kidz

Regionz Kidz offers a regional infant and toddler clothing line, books and other special items that highlight some of the fun aspects about living in a country as diverse as the US. Each item features multi-cultural designs celebrating the diversity of children and families all across the country.

Each of us Mommies got to choose which sex and ethnicity and style we wanted on our tank tops and we all just love how they came out!

At Regionz Kidz, they believe that not only are they putting out the most unique infant and toddler clothing line on the market, but are also encouraging diversity and teaching children about the differences in all of us.

By combining multi-cultural babies into custom infant and toddler clothing designs and turning their focus to be a regional clothing line, they can encourage discussion between parents and children and foster communication between children and their peers about cultural diversity and sensitivity.

Read our Mommies thoughts:

Amanda's thoughts are here
Shanda's review can be found here
Kristin's review cna be seen here
Christine's thoughts are coming later this week!

Moving Comfort

Moving Comfort is workout clothing for women. The ladies behind Moving Comfort started this wonderful company when in the 70's they couldn't find any running shorts for women. They have clothing for all kinds of sports activities for women, from sports bras, to endurance, fitness, and trail.

You can read more about the women behind Moving Comfort here.

Their mission at Moving Comfort is to design and deliver performance apparel, sports bras and accessories that support and inspire women to get fit, be healthy and achieve their own unique personal bests.

Read what our Mommies thought:

Shanda wears her jacket everywhere.
Amanda loves the gym shorts!
Kristin loves her sports bra.
Christine thinks Moving Comfort is perfect for the sporty mom!

My First Shades

Parents you know you may be guilty of buying high end protective sunglasses for yourself. Why not buy high quality sunglasses for your children. My first Shades are the perfect answer to your children's eye protection needs. These sunglasses are super affordable and will protect their tiny eye from sun damage. Plus, how many times do you hear, "Mommy the sun is in my eyes!"

My First Shades offer super cute designs made for stylish infants and toddlers. They have many style choices and a great selection of colors.

Here are the FAQS on My First Shades!

100% UV protection (UVA & UVB)
Professional grade polycarbonate frames and lenses Shatterproof and Impact Resistant
My First Shades has the following patents: US Patents D485290, D485291, D485292, D485293 AU Patents 158396, 2004201328
Impact resistant lenses
Wrap style design/Stay put power for a close, comfortable fit that minimizes peripheral light
Adjustable neoprene® band that comfortably and securely keeps the glasses in place
No pointy temple arms or metal hinges
Fun to wear! Our sunglasses come in a variety of fashion colors and fun patterns. Kids just love to wear them and parents can feel good about putting them on their kids.

Shanda protects her kids eyes with My First Shades!
Amanda has her girls wear them while boating, read her thoughts here
Kristin really likes these shades, read more here
Christine's thoughts coming later this week.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bon Bon Bebe

Bon Bon Bebe offers you a ton of fabulous products. Right now you can check out their new Spring 2008 collection on their site. Stylish fabrics that will catch your eye and make you think Spring. They offer a little of everything from shoes, clothing, accessories, body products to books.

Mommies United loves how unique, funky and fun all of their products are. If you need a gift for a shower or to welcome a new baby you will find it on Bon Bon Bebe!

Check out what each of us Mommies Thought!
Christine's thoughts are coming soon!
Shanda loves Bon Bon Bebe and highly recommends them for gift giving!
Amanda's thoughts can be found here
Kristin's thoughts can be found here

Skirt Sports

Calling all of our Mommies who like to wear comfy workout clothes! Check out Skirt Sports and their wonderful collection of workout clothing made for us women and our wonderful curves. They offer a ton of affordable hip clothing that will make your workouts super stylish! Even if you don't work out these clothing choices are perfect for picking up the kids from school or going to the zoo for a day of fun. Skirt Sports clothing is breathable and comfortable enough for running all of your errands.

Christine's thoughts are here
Amanda's thoughts are here
Shanda's thoughts are here
Kristin's thoughts are here

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sippi Grip

Sari Crevin, a mom, created SippiGrip when she became frustrated with her 1 year old son throwing his sippy cup to the floor anytime he was in a stroller, high chair or car seat. The sippy cup often became dirty and Sari was tired of always having to pick it up. She developed something that she needed to use and realized that other moms might need it as well. Soon Sari was passing the Sippigrip out to her Mom's Group friends to get their feedback and test the product. After getting the seal of approval she decided to offer it more extensively in different colors and patterns. Thus became the Sippigrip!

There are three fabulous colors of SippiGrips from which to choose!

It is a simple design that simply works!

  • Fits any brand or size cup/bottle
  • Adjustable in length
  • Grip material to prevent slipping
  • Washable & Durable
  • Makes YOUR life easier!

Christine takes her SippiGrip shopping with her!
Amanda keeps her Sippi Grip in her diaper bag! Read it here
Shanda's thoughts can be found here
Kristin keeps the Sippi Grip in her car

Contest Roundup

The Mommies are hosting several contests on their individual sites.
Be sure to check them out!!




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If you are hosting a contest or giveaway, or know someone who is, please leave the details in the comments so we can check them out!