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Monday, March 31, 2008


Time is running out...

Make sure you enter all of our fabulous giveaways before 6pm (PST) tonight!

All winners will be notified and announced by tomorrow morning.

Good Luck!

Let's Party!

This post will stay at top during the Launch Party! Please Scroll Down for new posts!
It's time for the Mommies United Mega Launch Party!

are the faces of Mommies United!

Come and join us as we celebrate our launch, where there will be games to play and TONS of great prizes!

We know you want to party with us!! There will be tons of fun to be had, every day for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, with tons of prizes and lots of ways to win. Make sure you join us each day for extra chances to win some incredible items from our fabulous sponsors!

To start this party off right, we would love for you to write your own party post, inviting your friends to join the fun. In this post talk about a bloggy friend, give some advice, or make someone laugh! Tell others about Mommies coming together, United! Get to know us Mommies and tell bloggers a little about each of us, including the links to each of our blogs or sites! But if you don't have a blog, we still want you to party! Just email FIVE of your mommy friends and CC us in your email.

Don’t forget to tell us which four of the amazing prizes you want to win. There are tons of prizes from which to choose - You can find them HERE! Make sure you sign the Mr. Linky with a link to your party post, so we can visit and enter your name in the drawing for some of these amazing goodies!

Last, but not least, include the party button on your site or blog and even grab the Mommies United button for your sidebar, if you want. This is a party, after all, so the more the merrier!!

Over the next two weeks we will be having tons of games and many, many prizes to win! Every other day you will find a post related to one particular prize. If you would like to win that prize all you will have to do is leave a comment on that post with the answer to the trivia question. (FYI, all comments will be moderated during the Launch Party. So don't be worried when it doesn't post right away. We feel that everyone should visit the participating sponsors site to find the answers to the trivia questions.)

We look forward to partying with you all as we celebrate Mommies United!

1. Tara
2. Sheila
3. Irene
4. Karen Erickson
5. Deborah
6. Normal to Natalie
7. A Juggling Mum
8. My life according to me
9. The Miss Elaine-ous Life
10. Ada
11. Shana (above link is wrong...sorry)
12. Scrapping Servant
13. Erika
14. melissa d.
15. lace (keeping my fingers crossed)
16. The So Called Me
17. Courtney
18. Pink Lemonade Liz
19. Nissa\'s Niceties
20. Katydid and Kid
21. Sara L.
22. Joanna
23. Jessica
24. stacey moore
25. Andrea
26. Suzanne Bastien-Adams
27. Noreen (Silly Mommy to 2 Silly Girls)
28. the vintage pearl
29. Allison
30. Brandy
31. Charlotte (The Livy Updater)
32. Team Cooper
33. RibbonRockStar
34. Linda -- Best way of life
35. Danielle**Searching For Sanity**
36. Erin Neilson
37. Nicole G
38. Krissy
39. Linda * Mama\'s Coffee Corner
40. Mommie Daze
41. Chris
42. barefootinboston
43. Cindi Hoppes
44. KC
45. Laura D\'Urzo
46. Crafty Mama
47. Naomi from superdumb supervillain
48. Laura @ Laura Williams\' Musings
49. Allie Bear
50. just add dots
51. Sheila of My Memories
52. stampedwithgrace
53. Shannon (God Gave Me You)
54. mimi/pz5wjj at The Things We Do
55. J! I\'m interesting, I swear!
56. Elliemae
57. Lettre Family
58. 1stopmom
59. tiffany
60. Michelle B. (Our Full House)
61. Mommy Goggles (T anya)
62. Dawn *Dolce DIVA Designs*
63. Wendy - girly whirled
64. laura hamrick
65. Rachel - Puppy Dog Tales
66. Kristine
67. HEvencense
68. Stephanie
69. Who has time to scrapbook?
70. Mrs. MandyPoo
71. karla
72. Sher :)
73. Kim- Little Life Experiences
74. Katja of Skimbaco
75. Amanda- MU Founder
76. Melissa @ Mel\'s World Travel Biz (Give Away)
77. The Bee\'s Knees
78. Doreen
79. Mel\'s World with Melissa Mashburn (Give Away)
80. Victoria
81. MyT\'s Mom
82. Natalie - Red Sox Mommy
83. 3 P\'s in a Pod
84. Carol
85. Porter House
86. Margie Gunn
87. Caroline @ SmartyPantsMama
88. deko and posh blog
89. bree\'s virtual playground
90. people movers
91. Leticia @ Tech Savvy Mama
92. Kristin (co-founder)
93. Katie
94. Ginny
95. Morning Artist
96. Uniquely Yours
97. Figments [of a mom]
98. Hazel Honey
99. Chrissy
100. HappyHeart
101. Kristin-Well Read Hostess
102. Kristy
103. Pampered
104. Stephanie Elie
105. Stephy J.
106. Liza\'s Eyeview
107. Ashley
108. MowerMOM
109. Sharlene
110. Rachael @ Our Front Porch
111. Gina
112. Pretty Baby Boutique
113. Wani
114. Brandy Webb
115. Gina
116. -d
117. Holly
118. Kathy - Head for the Hills
119. Vashonnte
120. Caryn Bailey
121. Emily Norton

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Giveaways are now all closed... Stay tuned for our list of winners!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Subscribe to Our Feed

Alright guys, do you want to stay up to date with Mommies United? Well subscribe to our feed by clicking the link below

Click here to subscribe!

When you sign up be sure to leave your name and blog URL below in the Mr. Linky, before 6pm March 31st, for an extra entry to our Launch Party!

1. Deborah
2. Caryn Bailey
3. Wendy - girly whirled
4. Amanda
5. Suzanne Bastien-Adams
6. charlotte
7. Andrea
8. Tara
9. Erika @ The Mother Tongue
10. Sara L. - sblilly14(@)yahoo(.)com
11. Danielle S**Searching For Sanity**
12. stacey moore
13. Michelle B. (Our Full House)
14. Shana
15. Normal to Natalie
16. Doreen

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Olive Kids

Ten years ago, while trying to decorate their daughters room, the people from Olive Kids discovered there was little, if any, coordinated, affordable kids bedding and room products that were not tied into some TV show or big budget movie. They enjoyed these fun movies and characters but didn't want them to infiltrate the core of their child's room! So, they created Olive Kids to offer parents, and their kids, an affordable alternative to the character based entertainment licenses. Our emphasis is on color and fun, because they believe kids rooms should inspire creativity and play - not be an advertisement for a TV show or movie.

This is the exact reason why Mommies United love Olive Kids! We love how unique each room set is and the fun vibrant colors! Each of us were lucky enough to try a different variety of items, and we all thought the same thing "we love Olive Kids!"

Each room theme has all the accessories you will need to make the room complete, from personalized wall art, to bedding, even wall clocks! You can even find the finishing touches to any room with the drawer knobs!

One feature that we love from Olive Kids is that they also sell their fabric by the yard. The fabrics can be used to make accessories, window treatments, table skirts...anything you can think of.

If your looking for fun and colorful children's bedding be sure to check out Olive Kids!

Amanda's thoughts can be found here
Kristin's thoughts can be found here
Christine's thoughts can be found here
Shanda's thoughts can be found here

Want to win a 5 pack of place mat?

All you have to do to enter to win is post a comment here on THIS post with the answer to these questions.

1. At Olive Kids how many styles are there of the removable chalk board?

Remember all comments are moderated!

Here is what people are saying about The Mommies United

The Mommies United - Excellent Mommy Synergy

Katja of Skimbaco -- Saturday, March 22, 2008

I would like say a warm congrats for Christine, Amanda, Kristin and Shanda for launching a new Mommy-site called The Mommies United. These four mommy bloggers united together to form a very unique review blog.

What really makes this new review blog unique, is that they offer "mega reviews" - they each post a review of a product in their individual sites and then one "united" review at The Mommies United linking to the other four reviews, so you as a Mommy will get four individual opinions of the same product, and the business owners will get 5 reviews of their product to help to spread the word. While many other websites "compete" of the readers and do not wish their individual writers to post about the same issues in their own blogs, The Mommies United shows that synergy works better.

Synergy refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents. In plain language, synergy is a phenomenon where 1+1=3.

The four moms get more traffic to their individual blogs from their joint-blog, the readers get more opinions and the small business owners like myself get a whole lot more for a buck by sending a product for a site like this than in the sites where cross-posting is prevented.

When we work together, everyone wins. While living in the competitive society it is so refreshing to see something like The Mommies United formed. We all should think The Mommies United as an example of synergy and think of ways to help each others out.


You ladies ROCK!!

You included my site in the Scavenger hunt and it has brought readers to my blog!! I'm sure it is getting me orders as well.....

Thank you a million times over! How very sweet of you.....

let me know about when we can do a "mega review" I am more than happy to make all of you something special......I have some new goodies too that I would love to show off....we'll talk!

Get in touch with me and lets get some jewels to you girls!

Thanks cool of you guys to do that.....

Alli Grosberg
Alli's Originals


What a great site... I look forward to working with you !!


Malinda Freitas

Assistant Marketing Manager

stride rite children's group, inc.


I LOVE what you guys are doing. The synergies of combining efforts amongst the 4 of you and then creating the mega review on mommiesunited seems like such a cool idea.

Best wishes,


Sponsoring the Mommies United mega launch party has been great for GirlMogul. Their mega reviews and contests helped drive lots of traffic to the site and generated sign ups for our newsletter and focus groups, allowing us to build a bigger and better community. Their enthusiasm and support for is contagious! The Mommies United team are true GirlMoguls! Keep up the great work!
Andrea Stein, Founder - GirlMogul - GirlPower Apparel - Encouraging Successful Girls


"Mommies United is such a fantastic place to gain exposure for newproducts and see the latest in baby/parent products! I sent MommiesUnited a sample of my product The Original Bath Bib for the MegaReview. After the review, we saw a significant jump in our viewernumbers and sales which tells me that Mommies United has a strong &loyal following of parents that are both active and knowledgeable.They provided a pipeline of new viewers and customers that weotherwise would not have had if it wasn't for Mommies United and theMega Review! Shanda, Christine, Kristin, and Amanda really know whatthey are doing!!! Thanks again!"
-- Ray Boyd Sr.Founder/CEOThe Original Bath Bib Company, LLC

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tell us about you!

Well, we think we have the best readers in the entire blogosphere! So for today...leave us a comments telling us about you or your blog. What would you like us to know about you?

We would love to hear more about you and what makes you tick. This site is a "UNITED FORUM," and we do not want this to be one sided! So leave us a comment and tell us what we should know about our new friends!

We will select one random comment to win a Teething Kit from The Soft Landing!

The Mommies Of Mommies United Hunt

Christine, Kristin, Amanda, and Shanda are the faces of Mommies United so lets get to know the Mommies! It's time for a hunt that is all about us. Join in on the fun and create a post all about how Mommies United started maybe answer why we created Momies United and the post should include information about us Mommies.

Please answer these questions in your post. If you particiapte in this hunt you will gain an extra entry for an item you have picked to win in your party post.

1. How many children does Christine have?
2. What is the name of Shanda’s children's boutique?
3. When did Kristin start An Ordinary Life?
4. Amanda makes what children's apparel?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Cuddlebee was created by a fashion- forward designer mom, especially for mom's who want to pamper their baby with style & luxury. Say goodbye to cloth diapers & gingham checks as burpcloths.... Cuddlebee offers fabulous fabric choices & combine them with super soft chenilles. They use only unique fabrics, luxurious silks, and a touch of yesterday’s flair. Created to pamper baby with style and texture...and for the mom who wants their little one to be as stylish as they are.


Amanda's thoughts can be found here

Kristin's thoughts can be found here

Christine's thoughts can be found here

Shanda's thoughts can be found here

Want to win a Bib and Burp Set from Cuddlebee?

All you have to do to enter to win is post a comment here on THIS post with the answer to these questions. All contests will close on March 31st!

1.Where are Cuddlebee products made?

2. What is your favorite bib and burp set?

Remember all comments are moderated!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fabulous Tips!

All of the tips you wrote are truly fabulous, but we all had to pick our favorite. As tough as it was, I present you with our favorite tips:

Shana's tip - When washing your pillows if you put a few clean tennis balls in the wash with them, the filling in your pillows won't bunch up as bad.

Team Cooper's Tip - I take a picture of each of her masterpieces and save it on the computer and eventually on a CD (so after its time on the refridgerator it finally makes its way to the trash and Trinity seems OK with this arrangement). This way we have kept it without actually keeping it. (This is also good for those things made with perishable items like marshmallows, popcorn, etc...) I also love this because I can run a slideshow of just her art on the computer, share it with distant relatives and sometimes post here on the blog.

Mrs. MandyPoo's Tip - If you get a scratch on a CD, rub toothpaste (the kind without any type of beads in it) over the entire CD and let it dry. Then take a cotton ball and wipe the toothpaste off from the inside out. (Start at the center and wipe in a straight line towards the outside of the CD. Keep doing it all the way around the CD). You will probably go through numerous cotton balls and if you let the toothpaste dry too long, it can take you a few minutes to rub off, but I've used this technique quite a few times and it has worked each time!

Stacey's Tip
- My tips: 1. We like to sleep and are rushed every morning to get out the door on time so to help manage the morning I get outfits (for both kids and myself) for the week ready on Sunday. I get everything ready: for Ella that includes shoes, socks, panties, hairbows, bracelets, necklace, etc. This eliminates rushing around at the last minute looking for something to wear or a hairbow that matches!! 2. My best friend could write a book on tips!! My two favorite quick tips that I learned from her: If you are boiling something and it getting close to the top just spray some PAM (spray oil) and it will keep it from boiling over!! 3. If the zipper on your favorite pants won't stay up just spray it with hairspray and that will keep it up!!

Which tip is YOUR favorite? We want to know! Leave your vote here in the comments, then run over and leave a comment for the tipster, too!

Remember, the tip with the most votes by March 31st will win the See Me Read Kit!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Blush Topless

Blush Topless started out with two women looking for the same product, one having a long torso and the other being pregnant they both had the exact same problem, neither of their shirts were fitting. Blush Accessories welcomes you to a product that helps adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly. This is a shirt that is to be worn like a tube top, but around the waist. The tops are made of a poly/rayon/spandex blend, allowing a huge amount of stretch and great support.

These tops are great for every woman, pregnant or not. Be sure to check out all the different colors. They make great layering tops, and help cover up your"assets"

Amanda's thoughts can be found here

Kristin's thoughts can be found here

Christine's thoughts can be found here

Shanda's thoughts can be found here

Want to win a Blush Topless Undershirt?

All you have to do to enter to win is post a comment here on THIS post with the answer to these questions. All contests will close on March 31st!

1. Who are the two lovely ladies behind Blush Topless Undershirt?

2. Where is Blush located?

Remember all comments are moderated!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do you believe?


"He is not here, for He is risen,
just as he said."

-Matthew 28

We pray that you all have a blessed Easter, in celebration of Christ's resurrection!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Girl Mogul

Many of you know Girl Mogul an amazing company designed to help inspire girls and women! Their goal is to help girls realize their dreams, that anything they want to do is possible.

Are you a Mom, sick of popular culture? Do you want something that will inspire your daughter that is positive? Girl Mogul is all about Girl Power! It’s keeping that dream alive and improving on it. If a girl or woman in your life wants to see the moon, then inspire her to reach for the stars. Girl Mogul has designed products for babies, children and even women. With inspiring characters, and motivational quotes these aren't for your average princesses. So come on ladies lets keep those dreams alive!

Focus Group
So, you want to win a shirt for yourself or maybe your daughter? All you do is participate in their survey, they are currently trying to better improve their site and store to help girls that much more. So lets give them out personal feedback! So please help us out and take a little time, lets help them better inspire our girls. Just fill out the Survey and just so you know emails are only being collected for contest purposes. There will be a few lucky winners of a shirt, it will only take a minute so come on ladies! Lets give back for once.

Amanda's thoughts can be found here

Kristin's thoughts can be found here

Christine's thoughts can be found here

Shanda's thoughts can be found here

Want to win one of 13 prizes from Girl Mogul?

Girl Mogul is giving 10 sets of Mother / Child shirts (winner's choice of design) and 3 $20 gift cards to her site!

All you have to do to enter to win is post a comment here on THIS post with the answer to these questions. All contests will close on March 31st!

1. Who are the women behind GirlMogul?

2. Please tell us which GirlMogul design is your favorite.

Remember all comments are moderated!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fabulous Tip Friday

Wow! We have been having a blast! How about you?

Well, we thought we would give you a little break today, sort of. If you would like to participate, we have an awesome prize you could win... and let me tell you, you have to have one! If you would like to a free customized See Me Read Kit, here is what we want you to do:

Post a Fabulous Tip on your blog or site today... Any type of tip that makes your life easier, a tip you want to share with us that we may not know about. Sign the Mr. Linky, so we can all check it out. Each of the four of us Mommies will pick our favorite tip, and post them here on Monday, where everyone will get to vote on their favorite one. The tip with the most votes by March 31st will win the See Me Read Kit!

You guys are awesome, and we cannot wait to read these tips! HAVE FUN!!

1. Deborah
2. Caryn Bailey
3. Wendy - girly whirled
4. Amanda
5. Suzanne Bastien-Adams
6. charlotte
7. Andrea
8. Tara
11. Danielle S**Searching For Sanity**
12. stacey moore
13. Michelle B. (Our Full House)
14. Shana
15. Normal to Natalie
16. Doreen

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We just may make this Fabulous Tip Friday a weekly thing...
What do you think?


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get Yourself a Hip-T

Don't let your style fall through the crack and become a victim of one of the following fashion crimes:
An Unwanted game of thong peek-a-boo!
Bending over at work and showing your boss the green polka-dot
thong you're wearing is definitely not the way to get that promotion
you've been hoping for!
The Plumber's crack
Ladies, let's leave this one to the professionals.
The Dreaded "Muffin Top"
No one wants a muffin top - unless it's blueberry!

Protect your rear from an unwanted game of peek-a-boo with the Hip-T!
Original Pink hip-T

Amanda's thoughts can be found here

Christine's thoughts can be found here

Kristin's thoughts can be found here

Shanda's thoughts can be found here

Want to win one of three Hip-T's?

All you have to do to enter to win is post a comment here on THIS post with the answer to these questions. All contests will close on March 31st!

1. Who are the women behind Hip-T, and where are they from? (hint-watch the press video to find out)

2. Please tell us which Hip-T is your favorite.

Remember all comments are moderated!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're Having a Tea Party!

Would you like to join us?

For another chance to win some of the amazing prizes, and make some new friends, please create a post with the tea party theme. This is a fun post, so share a fun craft project, a recipe, or sip some tea with a friend. You can even talk about a new friend you made here at the Mommies United Mega Launch Party! Be creative! All we ask is that you include one link to Mommies United in this post. Make sure you join in on other tea party bloggers by commenting on at least two other party-goers Tea Party post! That's how we make new friends!

Here is miss Kaila having a tea party!


Please sign the Mr. Linky, using the link to your Tea Party post, if you decide to join us!

1. Joanna
2. Shana
3. Tara
4. Erika @ The Mother Tongue
5. Allison
6. Elliemae
7. Crafty Mama
8. Deborah
9. Normal to Natalie
10. tiffany
11. Christine - From Dates to Diapers
12. kristin
13. Andrea
14. Erin
15. Irene
16. lace (keeping my fingers crossed)
17. Shanda
18. Noreen (Silly Mommy to 2 Silly Girls)
19. Suzanne Bastien-Adams
20. 3 P\'s in a Pod
21. Carol
22. Liza\'s Eyeview
23. HappyHeart
24. Gina
25. Melissa J.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Bath Bib

The Original Bath Bib allows moms and dads to safely and securely remove little ones from the bathtub without the awkwardness of holding a towel under your chin, on your lap, on your shoulder, or placed on a yucky floor or toilet. The Original Bath Bib remedies this cumbersome daily routine by giving parents a convenient, soft, oversized, contoured towel that cleverly fastens around your neck using straps attached by Velcro. When removing baby from the tub, simply pick him up using your two free hands, place baby comfortably on your chest, and wrap baby with the lower portion of The Original Bath Bib.

Amanda's thoughts can be found here

Kristin's thoughts can be found here

Christine's thoughts can be found here

Shanda's thoughts can be found here

Want to win a Bath Bib?

All you have to do to enter to win is post a comment here on THIS post with the answer to these questions. All contests will close on March 31st!

1. Where is the original Bath Bib Co. located?
2. What are the four colors they come in?

Remember all comments are moderated!

The Oasis Charity Launch!

Oasis Chrity Launch

The Oasis has come together and in a BIG Way!
As a group the designers of The Oasis decided to donate boutique items for a charity auction benefiting the National Down Syndrome Congress. Up for auction starting on March 18th, are over 15 mix and match handmade boutique items. From head to toe, some lucky little girl will be all decked out for the rest of spring, summer and into fall! Inspired from the new Orchid Spa line from Michael Miller, we have come together to create a One of A Kind wardrobe. All items were made to fit a size 5, but depending on measurements, the pieces may fit a size 4T through slim 6.100% of the winnings will be donated to charity!
This organization has special meaning to us at The Oasis! Madison, daughter of Rhonda (Bella*Rae*Boutique) has Down Syndrome, and will be modeling all the pieces for the set. We have decided to Pass It On! And hope that you will open your heart and your wallet to help out this wonderful cause!
Thank you,The Oasis Designers

Designers participating in this wonderful set:
Sara - jewels*n*pixels
Amy - the*polkadot*cow
LeAnn - littlecreekboutique
Kimberly - calis*charm*bowtique
Michelle - tabitha*sboutique
Kathy - butterflies_n_bowties
Tiffany - sew*meyer
Rhonda - bella*rae*boutique
Autumn - sydkohl
Christy - carrottop*creations
Lori - 3pinkribbons

The Launch is up and running! Here is the link to it.
They started the listing at $.99 NR - shipping is FREE and 100% of the proceeds go to the National Down Syndrome Congress. The listing will run for 10 days. For more information please see the listing.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's a Scavenger Hunt!

It's time for a scavenger hunt!!

We're giving you the full two weeks to find the answers to the following questions. You MUST email us your answers to be entered. Once you have all the answers the email to use is Please include your name and blog URL in your email. We WILL check every answer and let you know if anything is wrong so you can find the right answer! We want everyone to have fun!

Here are the questions for The Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Who is the creator behind Mostess creations?

  2. Who is the owner of Konfindence-USA and where are they located?

  3. What colors does the Barefoot Dreams Kid's Cover Up robe found at Baby and me Boutique come in?

  4. What is Blessed Mom Baby Gear signature product?

  5. What are the three scents that Mom Spit comes in?

  6. What are the three colors do the OYikes Changing Pad and Wipes Case come in?

  7. What are the four pettiskirt styles offered at Fuzzy Me?

  8. Who are the moms behind Boogie Wipes?

  9. What is the UV protection of Baby Banz and Baby Banz?

  10. At Lemon-Kisses you can find handy sacks, what are the three colors they come in?

  11. How many fabric swatches are there for the “minis” found at Baby Star?

  12. Who is the owner of Peek a boo Baby ?

  13. At Serena and Lily you can buy paint to match your baby’s nursery, how many different colors are there?

  14. Who is the mama behind Happy Panda?

  15. What year did Trendy Tadpole open and who is the mama behind it?

  16. Where is Chesapeake Ribbons located?

  17. Who is the mama behind Bitty Braille ?

  18. Who is the mama behind ?

  19. There is one apron that you can find at Carolyn's Kitchen, it gives 15% of its proceeds to what organization?

  20. Who is the owner/designer behind Sweet n Simple Design?

  21. Who is the Graphic Designer/Owner of Splat Designs?

  22. Who is the mama behind Captured Memories?

  23. What are the three TY Book Inc. books you can get?

  24. Who is the founder of ImagiPLAY ?

  25. What are the two books found at Cedar Valley Publishing?

  26. When was Hipster Tots founded?

  27. How many Spi Belts can you choose from (how many colors)?

  28. Who is the woman behind Bitter Sweet Soap and when did she start it?

  29. Where is Vintage Body Spa located?

  30. The Maple Landmark - Spinning Top from Hazel Nut Kids which can be found in “little Fun Toys” comes in what colors?

  31. Personalized Bath Towels from Alex Casey Baby come in how many colors?

  32. When did the mamas of Rockin Baby Sling start making baby slings?

  33. The Crocheted Spotty Ball Rattle from Nico and Zoe come in what three colors?

  34. What are the three kits you can find at Mug Waz?

  35. Where is Alli’s Originals located? What is the Pet ID Tag accented with?

  36. How many steps are there for using the Bath Bib ?

  37. Can you crack the code on Positive Chicks site?

  38. Can you name 3 colors of Booty Pop Panties?

  39. When taking the virtual book tour on See Me Read... What is Corey’s Moms name?

  40. At Natural Pod the sail boat comes with how many cotton sails?

  41. At Olive Kids how many styles are there of the removable chalk board?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big News

It's time for our Mega Launch Party
Now through March 31st -- Two whole weeks of games and prizes!

Grab a button and help spread the word...
Let the fun begin!!

Mega Launch Party!

Mega Launch Party!

Mega Launch Party Prize List

The following is a list of participating sponsors donating prizes. Make sure you include your favorite in your party post!

Coupon Codes for all Partiers:
* OYikes- 15% off by entering code "United15" - the 15% is taken off when they process and ship the order.
* Accessory Bug is giving our readers a coupon code which is wintersale. It's good for 10% and it expires on March 31st.
* Uncommonly Cute coupon 'U08' for 15% off
* Natural Pod 10% off their first purchase until April 1, 2008. All they have to do is enter in code "momunit08"
* See Me Read Coupon 20% off coupon for all MommiesUnited Readers. Code: MUNT2008
*Girl Mogul 10% coupon code to use during the Launch Party! The code is gmmu1001

Baby Gear:

  1. Mostess creations is giving one winner a bib and burp set, winner’s choice

  2. Konfindence-USA is giving one Baby Swim Diaper Cover

  3. Baby and me Boutique is giving one winner a $100 gift certificate

  4. Cuddlebee is giving one bib and burp set of the winners choice

  5. Blessed Mom Baby Gear is giving The Perfect Feeder, Sip ‘N SakTM, Baby Light N Clip to one winner

  6. Mom Spit is giving 1 mom-spit kit

  7. OYikes is giving one bag in the Square the color is the Avocado/Chocolate All readers can use this coupon to get - 15% off by entering code "United15" - the 15% is taken off when they process and ship the order.

  8. Fuzzy Me is giving 1 birthday TUTU

  9. Boogie Wipes is giving two “Boogie Woogie Gift Packs” to two winners

  10. Baby Banz is giving two Pairs of toddler or baby banz to two winners

  11. Lemon-Kisses is giving one large wet wipes case, one small

  12. Baby Star is giving a star swaddler blanket

  13. Peek Baby is giving a Peekaboobaby Nursing Cover

  14. Bath Bib is giving 1 bath bib

  15. Baby Light and Clip-one is giving one clip

  16. Serena and Lily is giving a giving Nursery Style Book retail $29.99

  17. Alex Casey Baby is giving 1 Minky Dot Lovey in pink, yellow or blue - winner choice
18. Rockin Kid Shop 1 Rockin' Baby Pouch

19. Natural Pod are offering a house play pack, with various items for imaginative house play to the value of $150.00

20. See Me Read1 kit free to one winner

21. Olive Kids is giving a 5 pack of placemats (one winner)

22. Hazel Nut Kids is giving a Lana Organic Stuffed Animal-Rabbit

23. Dolce Diva Designs is giving a 20 dollar gift certificate to their etsy store

Clothing for Baby, Toddlers & Kids:

  1. Happy Panda gift certificates to 3 winners in the amount of $40 each.

  2. Trendy Tadpole is giving one child's shirt winner's choice!

  3. Chesapeake Ribbons is donating one $25 Gift Certificate

  4. Bitty Braille is giving one gift certificate $33.00

Clothing For Moms:

  1. is giving 25 Millionaire Club shirts, in your choice of size for moms (S, M, L)

  2. Carolyn's Kitchen is giving one Sweetheart Pink Apron and matching gloves
  3. Girl Mogul is giving 10 sets of Mother, child shirts, (their choice of design) and 3 $20 gift cards to her site! Also a 10% coupon - the code is gmmu1001 for 10% off purchases throughout the MEGA Launch!

  4. Topless Under Shirt is giving one winner a blush undershirt

  5. My Hip-T is giving 3 hip-T's. One to three winners

  6. Booty Pop is giving 1 pair of Medium booty pop panties.

  7. Positive Chicks is giving a Hoodie and tote

  8. Strappys is giving one Strappys

Blog Designs:

  1. Sweet n Simple Design is offering one blog design (Blogger or Word Press only)

  2. Splat Designs is giving one Free Blog Template.

Digital Work:

  1. Captured Memories will give one digital greeting card design.
  2. Scramories is giving a 8 x 8 digital recipe card in the winners
    choice of colors, one photograph,header, ingredients and instructions.

Books and Toys for Kids:

  1. TY Book Inc. is giving one book- winner gets to choose one of the three

  2. ImagiPLAY is giving 3 wooden puzzles to three winners

  3. Cedar Valley Publishing is giving a set of books, Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! & Let’s Get Ready For First Grade!

  4. Mug Waz is giving one new bracelet set
Jewelry For Moms:

  1. Alli's Originals is giving a $35 gift certificate
2. Lemon-Kisses is giving some smart mom jewelry.

Scrap booking:

1. Hipster Tots is giving one winner a hipster tot book, winner’s choice.

For Mom & Dad:

1. Spi Belts Is giving one spi belts

2. Bitter Sweet Soap is giving 5 bars of Bittersweet's Spring Soap Tuberose

3. is giving two games

4. ebook

More to come!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Is there someone special in your life who wears braces? My sister did, and it was always so difficult for her to find yummy stuff to eat that didn't get stuck in those darn braces!

There's good news! Celebrity Chef Gale Gand has teamed up with the American Association of Orthodontists to create braces-friendly recipes for the more than 5 million North Americans that currently wear braces. These recipes are braces safe, which means they don’t include ingredients that are chewy, hard, sticky or crunchy. Orthodontists recommend avoiding these foods so that orthodontic treatments aren’t damaged or prolonged.

Check out Gale’s recipe for Savory Chicken Potpie -- Doesn't it look delicious?

Oh, and you've got to check out this video of Gand making her desert braces-friendly option, Chocolate Covered Baked Bananas over Ice Cream.
Yummy... It's enough to make your mouth water!

Bon Appetit!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fabulous Tip Friday

PhotobucketHave you ever used a baby wipe to clean? We are not kidding here, baby wipes are used for more then just wiping a tooshie. You can use baby wipes to clean floors, counters, anything except wood. A great tip I have seen on a few household tip websites is using baby wipes for cleaning carpet stains. They are durable and easily clean up oil, dirt, or anything else your kiddos decide to throw on the floor. Baby wipes will work miracles on your carpets!

Baby wipes are also great for cleaning vinyl or leather surfaces, try cleaning your car steering wheel and see all the gunk that comes off.

Don't have time to freshen up before an appointment? Grab a wipe and feel nice and fresh without showering.
You can also make your own sanitizing wipes just place a little hand sanitizer on the wipe and clean your little ones hands. This works great for all the germs in public places.

Don’t forget baby wipes are not just for babies, try them next time you use the restroom. They make you feel nice and clean.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Kids Coloring

We wanted to share pictures of our kiddos coloring the coloring page! Be sure to print it out and have your kids color it and share it with us!!

Here are Amanda's girls coloring!
Blog Party
Blog Party

Kristin's daughter Kai coloring!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

It's the second annual Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom!! Each of us Mommies have donated prizes to the party! Check out all the amazing Blog Party prizes, found HERE!

Welcome to the blog party and I hope you have a blast visiting every one's blogs!

We want to introduce ourselves to you. We are Christine, Kristin, Shanda and Amanda . The four of us have come together to launch a whole new website for Mothers. This site is called Mommies United. Our goal is to bring Moms from all over the blogosphere together in one place! We will be hosting parties, scavenger hunts, giveaways and contests. Mommies United will also be a place where you can read and share stories about our kiddos, tips, ideas, and parenting strategies .

We have many features, all so you can connect with other Mom’s with similar interests. Maybe you are not a Mom yet, but you're trying to conceive your first baby - We have a place for you too! Don't forget to check out the forum.

Mommies United is also home to the MEGA Review! The Mega Review is where each of us four mommies post about a product on our own personal blogs. Then we all post together on Mommies United with a group review! We will also include a link to our individual personal reviews. So It is 5-in-1 Review! Not only do companies get their name out to one website but it will be featured on Five!

We are opening our new site with a BANG! A HUGE Launch Party to take place on March 17th and will run for two weeks! During those two weeks you can come and play lots of games and win some fabulous prizes! Did you notice all those wonderful buttons on our sidebar? Those are all the great companies who are donating prizes! You will be able to see the prize list during the Launch Party!

Mommies United- bringing moms together!

For our party post we wanted to share this fun coloring page Amanda created! So, moms print it out and give it to your kids! Let's let them have some fun, too!! Put it on your fridge so you won't forget about Mommies United (but seriously, how could you?)

(click on the picture to make it larger, and then print)

Be sure to come back every day this week - We have some fun party stuff planned, with a few giveaways thrown in, for good measure! You won't want to miss a single day here at Mommies United!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

You're Invited

We Mommies are joining the fun at the huge Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom! Who knows you may even be able to win some prizes if you join us here next week!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

- Christine donated a Moby Wrap as a prize!
- Amanda donated 12 Basic Boutique Hair Bows!
- Kristin donated 23 dollars to paypal to celebrate her 23rd Birthday!

You will be able to enter to win over at the Party place sartting tomorrow!

Will YOU be there?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fabulous Tip Friday

I recently read this tip over at Bird on a Wire, Deb's post 9 Aha! Moments For Household Cleaning. It is also seen on

Clean Your Dishwasher with Lemonade
Original Purpose: Quenching your thirst when you were a kid.
Aha!! Use: Cleaning lime deposits and iron stains inside the dishwasher. Pour a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid ( this is the only flavor that works) into the detergent cup and run the dishwasher while empty.

Reward: The citric acid in the mix wipes out stains, so you don’t have to. And at 25 cents is over $3.00 cheaper than the commercial cleaners available at the grocery.
So I read about this and decided to try it out. Since Kool-Aid packets were 5 for a dollar I had to try it out. Surprisingly it really does work! Our dishwasher is old had had a yellow tint to it (on the inside) After I used the Kool-Aid the inside was white again, and it also ran better. I am not sure if this helped or not, but before I tried the Kool-Aid our dishwasher made a weird sound, almost like a grinding sound. After using the Kool-Aid it does not make the sound anymore.