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Friday, June 27, 2008

ITS FRIDAY!!!!! Finally!

Hi Everyone!!! Well, every Friday we ask...for a fabulous would love to hear your best parenting advice. Something you want to share with others...if you leave a comment telling us your best advice, we will enter you in the two week giveaway for the Kaboost!

So leave us a comment with your best parenting advice!!

One of my favorite tips is to love your children and praise them whenever they are doing something well. Let them know you appreciate them. Turn off the TV and sit down a play with them. Open up their imagination. Get dirty with them and play in that sand or squirt them with the hose! Just give them the gift of your time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lands Ends Giveaway Winners

The winners of the Lands End Giveaway are:


PinkDawn said...
I would LOVE to win the girl package! My favorite item is one I'm scoping out for me! I love the Women's Beach Living Solid Adjustable Bandeau Tunic Swim Top! Looks like the perfect thing to conceal my muffin top!



new winner has been choosen Shannon R. is the new winner.


Congratulations!! We will be emailing you!

Thursday Roundup

Thursday is our day to share all the great giveaways our Mommies are holding on each of our sites and also the giveaways held here on Mommies United! Each Thursday we will bring you a list of current giveaways!

If you are a blogger and are holding a giveaway on your site please let us know and we will add your link to THIS post. Please let us know when your giveaway ends as well.


Intelligent First Aid & GIVEAWAY
WIN: IntelligentFirstAid "talking" kit
ENDS: June 30th

MilkShaxs Giveaway
WIN: Train Top and Matching Pants 12 months
ENDS: June 30th

Josh Groban & William Joseph CD Giveaway
WIN: Prizes:(3): Josh Groban Awake Live CD/DVD.(3): William Joseph CD.
ENDS: July 3rd

MOO Giveaway WIN:Prizes (5): (1) 100 MOO MiniCards.(1) 90 MOO stickers.(1) 20 MOO postcards.(1) 10 MOO greeting cards.(1) 16 MOO notecards.
ENDS: July 5th

A Simple Impression Giveaway
WIN: A custom family name plaque
ENDS: July 7th

CHRISTINE at From Dates To Diapers and Beyond :

Goodies for Mom
WIN: a Why Can't I Have a Time-Out tee, and a Flip & Tumble Bag! (a$34 value)
ENDS: June 27th

Staying Healthy
WIN: a bottle of SuperKids Liquid Multivitamin, and a box of Go3 Junior Omega3 chewables for your little tykes! (a $41 value!)
ENDS: June 27th

KRISTIN at An Ordinary Life :

Olive Kids
WIN: a nametag, bookmark, and a 4th of July placemat.
ENDS: June 29th

For The Polished Man In Your Life
WIN: 5 Winners 1 Year Supply from Kimberly Clark
ENDS: June 30th

Robeez Weekenders
WIN: A pair of weekender shoes
ENDS: July 2nd

SHANDA at Parents With Style :

Definitely, Maybe Movie release and contest!
ENDS: June 27th

Contest for 1 CD of Star Dust Lullaby
WIN: a Stardust CD
ENDS: June 30th

Sassy Pink Giveaway!
WIN: win a box of washcloth candy from
Sassy Pink Boutique
ENDS: July 4th

Contest Stuk on U
ENDS: July 4th

Mommies United:

Enter to win WEEK NINE!!
WIN: a cupcake courier (week 9 out of 12)
ENDS: June 27th

Win a Kaboost on Mommies United!
WIN: a Kaboost Highchair seat
ENDS: July 4th

Our Blogger Friend's Giveaways:
leave us a comment and we will add you here

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Click on each picture to visit the Mommies Wordless Wednesdays!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please let us know in the comments if you posted a picture for Wordless Wednesday today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Terrific Post Tuesday

Terrific Post Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Well, all of us Mommies have been super busy with our own blogs and wanted to share with you our favorite posts from the last week.

IF you haven't been over to Christine's site in the last few days than get on over to
From Dates to Diapers and check out how to keep your self healthy and your kids. Christine is even offering a something for fun...come on go check it out here!

Don't you love reading love stories??? I do and I know you will enjoy this love story from Amanda's site.

Now that Kristin is done with school for awhile she has time to focus on her man...checkout her fabulous post about her man...Kristin wrote, all about her man and what he can do!

I also wanted to remind you about all of the great
contests I have going on...can you enter them all??? Well, can you?

We hope you enjoy all of our post and please take the time to enter all of the contest we have. There are a lot of great products to win! Good Luck!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lily On The Fly

Family needs something new to try? Then check out Lily On The Fly. Use Lily's meal cards and Plan On the Fly.
Keep your Lily Meal Planning deck in your purse or glove compartment so you are always ready to shop "on-the-fly."
It's so easy to know what to buy. Just turn the cards over and Shop On the Fly.

When you have time to stop by the store, simply use the color-coded meal deck to select the main dishes, side dishes and treats you would like to prepare.

You can easily choose recipes right in the store as you think through your plans for the next few days, and see what is on sale!

Slide the chosen recipes into the magnetic card holder, then turn the holder over and you'll see that a completely organized shopping list has been created for you.

Follow the color coding straight down, and you'll see the ingredients are organized in one of seven general grocery store areas. You can easily gather all the ingredients - on-the-fly!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Christine thinks Lily on the Fly is perfect for busy moms!
Amanda using her Lily Cards every week for meal planning!
Shanda is no longer having the fend for yourself nights with hubby!

Braincandy Giveaway Winner

The winner of the
Braincandy "5 Senses" DVD Series Giveaway is:

Erin said...
The World of Braincandy, Music & Sound Exploration CD looks perfect for my toddler who is very into music right now.

Congratulations! We will be emailing you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sweet Extravaganza WEEK NINE and winner


Our winner for WEEK EIGHT is: Stacy from Life "Inside". Congratulations!!

Stacy said...
Once upon a time a beautiful baby boy was born during the first week of March. Now in most parts of our great country the month of March means we are on the cusp of spring, but this is not the case in the MatSu Valley, Alaska where the baby boy was born. In Alaska March means winter is still raging on & to make matter worse, the winds often peak at 80+mph in the Valley during this time.

For the boy's first 5 birthdays his mother didn't allow the harsh weather to affect his birthday festivities. However it happened the very day of his 6th birthday fell on a school day & the boy was very excited to share a birthday treat with all his Kindergarten friends.
So the mommy spent hours decorating 2 dozen beautiful cupcakes with a variety of sugary confections for her son's class. About 20 minutes before the classroom celebration was to begin the mommy loaded the cupcakes into her minivan that was parked in the garage, safe from the harsh arctic elements.

As the mommy parked in the school parking lot, she was acutely aware that the Chinook winds were violently tossing her van from side to side. She said a little prayer hoping she would be able to make it into the building with her precious cargo.

The mommy had made it about 1/2 way to the building when a enormous gust of wind struck the cupcake-toting mommy head on, ripping the tray of yumminess from her arms. Needless to say, the mommy was devastated. About a dozen cupcakes were strewn in the snow bank just inches away, while the cupcakes that had survived the fall and we still in the tray were now covered in a thick layer of grey glacial silt that had been carried by the wind. The birthday treat was ruined.

Quickly the mommy gathered the debris, hopped in her minivan & managed to purchase 2 dozen store bought frosting & gummy worm decorated doughnuts and deliver them to the classroom with just seconds to spare. And while the children all loved the treat, both the mommy & the boy were heartbroken that their cupcake vision had been ruined.

Hopefully by the boy's 7th birthday the mommy will have been able to obtain a cupcake courier (do they even sell these in Alaska?) to prevent such a tragedy from happening again..........

Thank you to everyone who entered! We had a blast reading every one's stories!!

This week to enter, just leave us a comment with why you'd like to win!

This week's giveaway will end on Friday June 27th!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fabulous Tip Friday

Well, I hope everyone is ready for the weekend! I know I am and I am ready for some fun in the sun with my kids. So today is our "Fabulous Tip Friday," and I haven't been getting the tips from all of our readers like I thought I would! Come on everyone...I want to hear about them. So we thought we would sweeten the pot and thanks to our awesome sponsor KABOOST, you can win a great prize this time. So if you would like to win a Kaboost for your own home then this is what you need to do to win. Yes, 1 winner will win a Kaboost of their own!

Check out this video about Kaboost!

1. Leave 2 of your best tips about anything that will make our lives better or easier. (Leave it in the comments)

2. Post about this contest on your blog or site. If you don't have a at least 5 friends and thell them about it. (and copy us on the email)

So in the comments you need to list the 2 tips, a link to your post and your email address. If you do not have all of them..we cannot count your entry.

Contest will run until July 4th, 2008! 12:00pm Est.
So I thought I would post my tips!
1. If you collect a lot of to go menus like I do, then give them a 3 hold punch and stick them altogether in a 3 ring binder and label it Menus! Then you know right where to go when you don't feel like cooking!
2. Take some full body shot pictures of family members and them laminate them. Cut them and put magnets on the back of them for a fun game for your kids. Put them on the frig and have them guess who the person is. Works best with young kids.
3. Nevaeh has been a stinker lately when putting her to bed. She tells me she is not tired. So I told her I would get the MAGIC SLEEPING POWDER out for her. She thought that was really cool! So I grab the powder everynight and sprinkle it over her while I sing a song to the angels to protect her. It works like a charm! Another idea is to buy a salt shaker from the dollar store and fill it with the baby powder! Label it Magic Sleeping Powder for an added touch!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Roundup

Thursday is our day to share all the great giveaways our Mommies are holding on each of our sites and also the giveaways held here on Mommies United! Each Thursday we will bring you a list of current giveaways!

If you are a blogger and are holding a giveaway on your site please let us know and we will add your link to THIS post. Please let us know when your giveaway ends as well.


Back To Basics Toy GiveawayWIN: a multi colored tunnel
ENDS: June 20th

Alanis Morrissette Giveaway
WIN:* Flavors of Entanglement CD* The Collection CD/DVD (Hits compilation)* Coupon for a free pint of your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream!!
ENDS: June 21st

Nintendo DS Giveaway
WIN: TWO WINNERS- each will win Nintendo DS and Crosswords Game
ENDS: June 23rd

Ugly Fish Organics
WIN: a collectors skirt
ENDS: June 25th

Intelligent First Aid & GIVEAWAY
WIN: IntelligentFirstAid "talking" kit
ENDS: June 30th

CHRISTINE at From Dates To Diapers and Beyond :

Goodies for Mom
WIN: a Why Can't I Have a Time-Out tee, and a Flip & Tumble Bag! (a$34 value)
ENDS: June 27th

Staying Healthy
WIN: a bottle of SuperKids Liquid Multivitamin, and a box of Go3 Junior Omega3 chewables for your little tykes! (a $41 value!)
ENDS: June 27th

Graco -- A Giveaway!!
WIN: a Graco pack and play
ENDS: June 20th

KRISTIN at An Ordinary Life :

Lets Get Brainy Giveaway
WIN: TWO WINNERS- each will win Nintendo DS and Crosswords Game
ENDS: June 23rd

Technology That Rolls
WIN: a Dyson DC25
ENDS: June 25

WIN: your your own boogaloo
ENDS: June 20th

For The Polished Man In Your Life
WIN: 5 Winners 1 Year Supply from Kimberly Clark
ENDS: June 30th

SHANDA at Parents With Style :

Definitely, Maybe Movie release and contest!
ENDS: June 27th

Around the Table Games! (contest)
WIN: a Around the Table Game
ENDS: June 22nd

Mommies United:

Enter to win WEEK EIGHT!!
WIN: a cupcake courier (week 8 out of 12)
ENDS: June 20th

Braincandy "5 Senses" DVD Series
WIN:Braincandy "5 Senses" DVD Series
ENDS: June 21st

Lands' End Kids' Swim Package Giveaway
WIN: a boy and a girl swim package (two winners, one style each)
ENDS: June 24th

Our Blogger Friend's Giveaways:
leave us a comment and we will add you here

* Sumer Is Icumen In
WIN: a Lands End Swim Package for either boy or girl
ENDS: June 23rd

*It is time for a MJennings Designs...GIVEAWAY!
WIN: a personalized mommy bracelet
ENDS: June 30th

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to Mommies United first ever Wordless Wednesday! Now, we're going to do things a bit different and link to the Mommies Wordless Wednesday posts... Be sure you visit and comment!

Christine posted pictures of a day at the lake
Amanda posted a picture collage she made after Sarah was born

Oh, and if you have posted a picture for Wordless Wednesday, please let us know in the comments so we can come find YOU!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Terrific Post Tuesday

Check out all of the Mommies' favorite posts on their own blogs, from last week!

These are posts we don't want you to miss out on!
Shanda's top pick!
Christine's top pick!
Kristine's top pick!
Amanda's top pick

Doce Vida

Doce Vida was created under the mantra that every woman should feel fabulous about her body no matter what size or shape she may be. Arising from the culture of Brazil, where women are passionate, vibrant, self-assured and sexy, the flattering fits and styles of Doce Vida’s Ativa™ collection features an ultra-soft, full-motion 12% stretch fabric that feels like butter against your skin as it wicks away moisture so you, the serious athlete, can keep your body moving in comfort and style. Doce Vida has created workout wear that has a seamless fit for continuous movement. Say good-bye to tugging and pulling to keep your workout gear in place -- no more uncomfortable shifting. Doce Vida fits throughout all movement and contours to your body in all the right places.

The strategic placement of Ativa’s piping helps elongate and accentuate. Available in eight vibrant colors, this line offers multiple options for individual expression.

Doce Vida has some amazing workout clothes for women and we all highly recommend checking them out!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Christine loves the Doce Vida line!
Amanda's thoughts are here
Kristin loves the ballet tops, read here


If you are like all of us Mommies, you are busy! Sometimes you can't remember what you did yesterday! So how are you suppose to remember everything you need to keep your baby on a good schedule? Well, your not thanks to ItzBeen and their innovative invention to help all of us parents remember the last time we fed the baby or gave them medicine. Whats great about this product is that you can keep track of all the important tasks that you need for your baby! This is such a wonderful invention and will work wonders in your household. If your hubby was watching the baby all he has to do is program the last time he changed the diapers and fed the baby so you know what needs to be done when you get home. So easy to use! Mommies United highly recommends ItzBeen and all of it fabulous features! Stop by and read what each of our Mommies thought!

Kristin recommends this to all new moms
Shanda stays on schedule with ItzBeen.
Amanda can't wait to use Itzbeen with their next baby.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Multiple Moms Rock

We believe that ALL Mommies Rock, but we have to give a hand to our moms who have multiples! So we have to share this great site with everyone called Multiple Moms Rock.

Not only do they carry shirts for Moms but they also have shirts for Dads and Grandparents!

So if you know a fantastic mom to multiples (like our Christine!) be sure to pick up a shirt for them from Multiple Moms Rock, you know they deserve it!

and for those moms who are looking for a cute and witty shirt, pick up the Why Can't I Have a Time Out?™ Tee

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Kristin is glad that they have shirts for the "singleton" moms!
Christine proudly wears her "Multiple Moms Rock" tee.
Amanda only wishes she could have a time out each day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Protect a bed

Protect A Bed offers mattress protection for your whole family. Mattress Protectors for Every Bed - - Every mattress needs protection from bacteria, dust mites, liquids, and stains. Their new, fitted-sheet-style, premium bedding protectors keep your mattresses clean and hygienic. Protect-A-Bed Premium bedding protectors help create a dry, allergy-free sleep zone for children, teens, adults, and seniors. Comfortable, 100 percent natural cotton toweling over polyurethane film provides a waterproof and breathable barrier between you and your mattress. Super stretch for added comfort.

Protect A Bed also has a mattress cover called Allerzip/BedBug. The new BugLock™ 3 sided zipper system and ALLERZIP™ seal provide complete protection against allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. Bug Entry, escape and bite proof for complete mattress or box spring protection and a healthy, allergy free sleep zone.
• Certified by an Entomology Laboratory to be bed bug proof • Superior protection against bedwetting • Dust mite barrier and allergy protection • Protects against allergens such as pet dander, pollen and mold • Full mattress or box spring encasement for total bed bug protection • Breathable, waterproof and absorbent • 100% cotton terry surface • Cool and comfortable to sleep on

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Kristin is glad that she doesn't have to worry about Kai's Allergies.
Amanda has been sleeping much better at night.
Shanda Cuddles with her kids on her cover!

Belisi Winner

Cuddle Cottage is the winner of the Belisi neck tie and cuff link set! She said...

My husband spends most of his time in the dirt and so he's always in tired, grubby old clothes. I'd love to see him all spruced up with a silk tie and cuff links!

Well, your husband will be all spruced up in no time!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lands' End Kids' Swim Package Giveaway


Want to win an awesome swim pack for either a boy or girl from Lands End? We have some awesome packages to win. You can choose either the girl package or the boy package. The winners will get to choose the size they want.



Side-tie Tankini
Price: $32.50
Short Sleeve Side-tie Rash Guard
Price: $26.50
Kids’ Beach Towel
Price: $17.50

Short Sleeve Rash Guard
Price: $19.50
Hibiscus Print Cargo Board Shorts
Price: $25
Kids’ Beach Towel
Price: $17.50

To enter, please visit Lands End, take a look around and in a comment tell us one other product you found that you liked. Please be sure to tell us which package you'd like to win.

There will be TWO winners!

The giveaway will end on June 24th

LTD Chix

It's time for LTD Chix to pick two new designs fr their shirts. Instead of Cindi and Nina deciding what they would be, they are offering their LTDchix fans a chance to participate in the creation of these designs. They will be introducing a new “Mom" and the latest news is that they will also be introducing a new “Dad” line. They would love your help with ideas. Please submit an idea for a new mom and/or dad. The winner will win a free t-shirt with their winning design and recognition on the site with your photo wearing the t-shirt. Please email ideas in detail along with how many kids if any, should be included in the design. Written descriptions are welcome as well as drawings. The contest is for one month and will be open from June 12 – July 12, 2008. Please submit all ideas and drawings to

Matilda Jane Clothing

Looking for cute and unique clothing for girls and women? Yes? Then head to Matilda Jane Clothing.

Each of us mommies received items for either ourselves and for our girls and just love everything! We all received a variety of items.

Colorful. Sophisticated. A wee bit cheeky, just like her. Discover a new form of expression with sizing from 12m-10yr, with a selection for you. Inspire her to be an individual with compliments guaranteed.

With school starting up in the fall, be sure to check out Matilda Jane Clothing. Let your child's creative side show in these spunky clothes! Us Mommies know what our kids will be wearing this fall!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Amanda loves the Blue Kimono dress for moms!

Christine and Julia *heart* Matilda Jane Clothing!

Kristin loves how unique they are.

Shanda admires the unique eye for design that Matilda Jane offers.

EnviroKidz Organic Cereal

EnviroKidz Organic Cereal is becoming a favorite for kids! Made by Natures Path it is low fat, gluten free, whole grain, and low sodium. Did I mention organic too? This means no synthetic pesticides, no synthetic herbicides, no artificial preservatives or additives, and no irradiation. Each box features a lesson on back teaching children about our environment and our animals. Another reason to get this cereal is that 1% of their sales is donated to endangered species, habitat conservation, and environmental education for children.

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Shanda's kids along with Shanda loves Envirokidz!
Amanda's girls love to snack on the cereal.
Kristin's Kai eats it for breakfast every morning!

Friday, June 13, 2008


We love the cute shirts you can find at Peace Love Mom . We also want to share with our readers that PeaceLoveMom will give $3 from each Powerful Mom tee sold to CARE to help advance their work to empower women all over the world. CARE is a leading non-profit humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. They believe that if women are equipped with the proper resources, women everywhere have the power to change lives. For more information about CARE go to

You can purchase the Powerful Mom tee here.

You have to check out the adorable hats! We know that now that it is summer it means being outside and even in the sun. So why not be in the sun and protecting your skin and wear one of the cute "Happy Mom" hats.

In the fall head back over and get yourself a cute long sleeve thermal tee

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Amanda loves her PeaceLoveMom shirt!
Kristin loves the different styles offered at PeaceLoveMom

Shanda feels great showing off she is a Mom in a PEACELOVE MOM SHIRT!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta

Ok who does not like pizza? Anyone? Didn't think so. We all love Pizza Hut, but who has tried the new Tuscani Pasta from Pizza Hut? You have to try the new new Tuscani Pastas! Delicious pasta dinners in Meaty Marinara or Creamy Chicken Alfredo. Finally, restaurant quality pasta delivered right to your door! Feeds 4 and comes with 5 bread sticks for only $11.99. Dinner's done!

The pasta is delicious and we know your whole family will love it!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Amanda and her family loved the pasta

Shanda wants to pass these pasta dishes off as her own! :)

Christine and her family had the ultimate family night with this pasta for dinner!

Sara Rose Tutus

Attention all mommies who baby girls! You must go to Sara Rose Tutus on Etsy and check out her adorable Tutus!! These are a MUST for every little girl!

All Tutus are hand tied and custom made to each order!

Order one for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and have them around for play time. You can not beat the amazing prices either!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Kristin loves the reasonable prices
Amanda's daughter insists on wearing her tutu to bed!
Shanda's daugther wore her's all day and outside to twirl in the front yard.

A Giveaway at MJennings Designs

In honor of her son Peyton's 3rd year as a member of their forever family, Melissa is hosting her first ever giveaway! June 30th is the day that they landed back on U.S. soil from Guatemala with their precious son and he became a U.S. citizen!!!!

To enter, visit MJennings Designs and then head over to her blog and post a comment telling Melissa what your FAVORITE MJennings Design is!

The winner will be drawn randomly on June 30th, Peyton's second birthday!

Braincandy Giveaway


Recently our Mommies had a privilege to view the amazing children's DVDs called Braincandy. You can read more on our thoughts here. At Braincandy, they are developing products that stimulate the imagination and build on these pillars of early childhood development. Braincandy is... smart food for hungry little minds.

We are so excited to bring you this awesome giveaway!

One winner will receive Braincandy "5 Senses" DVD Series.

All FIVE DVDS! (retail $59.99)
*Hear My World DVD
*Taste My World DVD
*See My World DVD
*Smell My World DVD
*Touch My World DVD

To enter visit Braincandy and look around. Then come back here and leave us a comment telling us about your favorite product. Please leave us a valid email address if it not located on your blog profile or if you are not a blogger. We have no way of contacting anonymous users. If you do not leave a valid email address you must check back to see if you won.

This giveaway will end on June 21st.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Clek Booster Seat

Here is a booster seat that is a must have! The Clek is the first booster seat with the LATCH feature. The clek booster seats are designed with an integrated rigid LATCH system to deliver both the safety of LATCH and the convenience of uncomplicated installation, features typically at odds with one another.

The Clek is very easy to install, all you do is place it in a car that is LATCH compatible (all newer cars have LATCH), Then you just push the seat back into the LATCH clips and you know when it is installed when you hear it "click"

Once the seat is installed you will notice while driving the seat does not move at all. Other booster seats will slide a little in the seat when you turn hard, this seat does not budge!

It is well worth the money too, for the safety of your child we highly recommend this seat for ALL your kids!

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Amanda finds the Clek to be more safe then the average booster, read why here.
Shanda's family was very impressed with all she learned from clek's website alone and highly recommends Clek.
Kristin thinks all toddlers and young children should have one

Sweet Extravaganza WEEK EIGHT and winner


Our winner for WEEK SEVEN is: Mary Ann Click congratulations!

Mary Ann Click said...
Hi my name is Mary Ann, I am the 80 year old Mother and Grandma Great to 7. Let me tell you a little as to why I would want this cupcake courier. My daughter Christine, is almost 50 years old she's been teaching in a classroom for almost 15 years and went back to school for her masters. She works very hard and has always been one of those teachers that makes the classroom special for her students. From Halloween parties with massive amounts of cupcakes to Christmas parties. She gives each child Christmas presents even. That's how much she loves her students. She is one of those who buy way to much stuff so she has those flimsy cupcake holders but she would just die if we were to win one of these. I don't think she would ever think to buy one herself so I would love to surprise her. Thanks so much and I will send you an email with my contact info. I don't have an email address although my children always try to get me one. Thank you!

The Cupcake Courier is proudly sponsoring a 12 week event for Mother’s! We know all you Mom’s have cupcakes to bring to class, and to parties... what better way to safely and fashionably if we may add to all your events! You will be able to bring enough cupcakes for the whole class, since it will transport thirty-six cupcakes. The three easy to remove trays allow you to access those perfect cupcakes way on the bottom.

Would you like to be a winner this week?

To enter leave a comment and tell us a story about cupcakes, start off with "Once upon a time..."

We will run this weeks until next Friday June 20th (I know we are a week behind, but this will put us back on the giveaways ending on Fridays!)
Make sure you adhere to our contest rules and please leave a valid email address if yours is not in your profile.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Shaklee's motto is "HEALTHY HOME, HEALTHY YOU, HEALTHY LIFE" And us Mommies couldn't agree more with that. We strive to make our homes as clean as possible and our families as healthy as they can be. So when we heard about this awesome site that helps make us happier and healthier all together we were very interested in finding out more about it.

Shaklee offers many wonderful products from cleaning products, to nutrition to weight management and personal care. Each of us Mommies were able to try something different and see all the benefits of the different products.

The Get Clean offers you nontoxic and natural cleaning choices that are SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN and SMART. Because when it comes to keeping your house clean and the earth safe, you shouldn’t have to choose. When you use Get Clean, you’re never simply cleaning. While you make your home cleaner, you can make your family healthier. You also make the planet healthier for other families as well.

Read Our Mommies Thoughts:

Kristin really likes the scour scrub, read more here
Christine gets her kiddos involved in cleaning with Shaklee products!
Shanda cleans while being Green.
Amanda found the cinch bars helped curb her cravings.