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Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday Roundup

Thursday is our day to share all the great giveaways our Mommies are holding on each of our sites and also the giveaways held here on Mommies United! Each Thursday we will bring you a list of current giveaways!

If you are a blogger and are holding a giveaway on your site please let us know and we will add your link to THIS post. Please let us know when your giveaway ends as well.



Jkalea Giveaway
WIN:win a Deluxe Washcloth Sushi Set for Baby - Octopus and Fish.
ENDS: Sept 20th

No Slip Charllie Giveaway
WIN: a Pair of No Slip Charllie (winner chooses pink or blue)
ENDS: Sept 20th

Birthday Party - Brush up for Fall Giveaway
Win: One winner will receive the ideal travel set that includes 6 essential mini handle brushes with full size brush heads
ENDS: Sept 21st

Paramount Home Entertainment New Releases Giveaway
WIN: (3) copies of Alviin Edition (3) copies of My Little Ponies World's Biggest Tea Party
ENDS: Sept 22nd

Birthday Party - Emmie Kate Giveaway
WIN: a Mommy Bracelet
ENDS: Sept 22nd

Birthday Party - Ju-Ju-Be Giveaway
WIN: a BeLight Bag
ENDS: Sept 24th

Birthday Party - Studio JK Giveaway
WIN: a large dandelion wishes ($60 value)
ENDS: Sept 24th

Birthday Party - Note To Self Giveaway
WIN: a Note To Self Bok
ENDS: Sept 24th

Shoes Giveaway
WIN: TONS of shoes for kids (robeez, shoo-shoos, Pedoodles andOriginal Bobux )
ENDS: Sept 25th

Birthday Party - Elliott Lucca Giveaway
WIN: An Elliott Lucca St. Barts Woven Satchel in Raspberry (retail is $348)
ENDS: Sept. 25th

Do you want some Pizza Hut? Giveaway!
WIN: three Pizza Hut pasta dinners (1 tray of mac & cheese and five breadsticks) which is valued at $12.99 each.
ENDS: Sept 25th

Birthday Party - The Taffy Box Giveaway
WIN: a Silver Disc Monogram Charm Necklace.
ENDS: Spt 25th

Caillou's Winter Wonders Giveaway
WIN: (3) three copies of Caillou's Winter Wonders DVD
ENDS: Sept 26th

Birthday Party - Lucy Giveaway
WIN: a Kick It Tee (winner chooses size)
ENDS: Spt 26th

Maternity Week - Baby Plus Giveaway
WIN: A BabyPlus Prenatal Education System ($149.00 value)
ENDS: Sept 27th

Birthday Party - Firefly Photo Jewelry Giveaway
WIN: The Firefly Boutique Personalized Custom Double Photo Pendant Necklace
ENDS: Sept 27th

Birthday Party - Little Windows Giveaway
WIN: One Necklace Kit. This kit makes (3) necklaces. It is a $48.00 value.
ENDS: Sept 27th

Great New DVDs & Giveaway!
WIN: one of two copies of Iron Man DVD
ENDS: Sept 27th

Maternity Week- You've never felt so beautiful, show it off Giveaway
WIN: We have three Nursing tops in size M to offer to one reader. These shirts are the Saloon Tee in white, Nursing Singlet in watermelon, and Striped Nursing Tee.
ENDS: Sept 27th

Birthday Party - Scribble It Giveaway
WIN: A hot pink vinyl Chandelier
ENDS: Sept 28th

Birthday Party - Coming Unglued Book Giveaway
WIN: The second novel to the Sister's Ink Books. There will be (2) two winners.
ENDS: Sept 28th

Maternity Week-Getting Ready for Baby & Giveaway
WIN: I have (2) Two DaBib's to giveaway. There will be two winners (one each)
ENDS: Sept 28th

Birthday Party - Home Grown Pillows Giveaway
WIN: A Neck Wrap & Eye Pillow set. Winner can choose the design they like.
ENDS: Sept 29th

Birthday Party & Maternity Week - Bella Blue Maternity Giveaway
WIN: A Happiest Mom Pajama Set. Winner chooses size.
ENDS: Sept 29th

Maternity Week- Let's Have a Baby Shower!

  • Bamboosa Baby is giving a Soap bar Gift Set 2
  • A Bunny A Day is giving a Note Card Set ( 6 cards)
  • Maggie's Organic is giving a panda baby set 0-6 months
  • Monkey Toes is offering a pair of Glow Bugs
    ENDS: Sept 29th

    Birthday Party - Save the ta-tas Gift Basket
    WIN: a Gift Basket full of goodies
    ENDS: Sept 30th

  • Maternity Week- Getting Ready for Baby continuted & Giveaway
    (1) A Munny Journey
    (1) DIY Kit from Crea Baby Shoes
    (1) winner will receive a $50 dollar gift certificate to Twilite Moon
    ENDS: Oct. 1st

    Birthday Party - Red Thread Confections Giveaway
    WIN: A small box of chocolates
    ENDS: Oct. 2nd

    Birthday Party - Beauty Gift Basket
    WIN: a basket full of beauty products
    ENDS: Oct. 2nd

    Maternity Week- Stuff for the Older Kids too!
    WIN:(1) $25.00 gift certificate to NMC Toys. (1) Language Littles Doll from Tick-A-Too (winner chooses doll)
    ENDS: Oct. 2nd

    Maternity Week - The Zoo Factory Giveaway
    WIN: A 15" stuffed animal kit of your choice (not outfit)
    ENDS: Oct. 2nd

    Maternity Week- Doddle Design Shop Giveaway
    WIN: A 6" by 12" Wood Sign. Winner gets to choose colors and wording/design.
    ENDS: Oct. 3rd

    Top Pick Adult DVDs & Giveaway
    WIN:(3) copies of Lewis Black Root of All Evil DVD(2) copies of The Godfather Box Set
    ENDS: Oct. 3rd

    We Love Alvin & The Chipmunks Giveaway!
    WIN:(3) Alvin and the Chipmunks Classic Holiday Gift Set (3) Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration
    ENDS: Oct. 5th

    All of Amanda's giveawys can be found here.


    CHRISTINE at From Dates To Diapers and Beyond :

    Find your way the easy way! (A Giveaway)
    WIN: a Magellan RoadMate 1212
    ENDS: Sept 30th

    Win a $50 Gift Certificate to TinyPrints
    ENDS: Sept 30th

    Get Back to the Table with Sara Evans (A Giveaway)
    WIN: win a variety of Libby's vegetables, along with Sara's Greatest Hits CD,
    ENDS: Sept

    Baby Smells (A Giveaway!)
    WIN: a Diaper Genie II Elite!
    ENDS: Oct. 10th

    Inside the Diaper
    WIN: FIVE winners will each win 2 jumbo packs of Huggie diapers

    JULIA is ahving her FIRTS giveaway! Enter HERE.
    WIN: one of 5 copies of A Little Bit of Faith
    ENDS: Oct. 5th

    You can find all of Christine's giveaways here.


    KRISTIN at An Ordinary Life :

    The Power Of a Good Brush
    WIN: a trevel brush set
    ENDS: Sept 20th

    Maternity Week-Maternity Wear
    (WIN 3 Nursing Tops from Boob Maternity)
    ENDS: Sept 21st

    Dole-Food Giveaway
    WIN: a 50 dollar gift certificate to Dole & the new Magagascar 2 movie
    ENDS: Sept 23rd

    The Power of a Good Brush-Again
    WIN: a cushion Brush
    ENDS: Sept 23rd

    In Honor Of Maternity Week..I Give You The End All Purse
    WIN: Limited Edition Elliott Lucca bag
    ENDS: Sept 24th

    Learning For The Little Ones
    Win a Easy PC Toddler's Learning System and My Home Game
    ENDS: Sept 25th

    Maternity Week-Essential Items for Babies
    WIN: a gift basket from Boogi Wipes
    ENDS: Sept. 25th

    Maternity Week-Getting Ready for Baby
    (WIN $50 to Fuzzi Bunz)
    ENDS: Sept 25th

    Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest
    WIN: a JIG gift basket of goodies
    ENDS: Sept 27th

    Maternity Week-Something For The Guys
    (WIN a Godfather DVD Set retail: $79.99)
    ENDS: Sept. 30th

    Maternity Week-Baby Shower Time!
    (WIN a Keurig Brewing System valued at $200.00)
    ENDS: Oct 2nd

    The Campaign for a Sweeter America
    WIN: a Pillsbury Doughboy gift basket
    ENDS: Oct 12th


    SHANDA at Parents With Style :

    Ethel Gloves (CONTEST)
    WIN: ONE of TWO pairs of Ethel Gloved
    ENDS: Sept 20th

    WIN: a pakseat
    ENDS: Sept 20th

    Ringling Bros Contest!
    WIN: a program book, DVD and some clown noses to one winner.
    ENDS: Sept 20th


    Mommies United:

    N/A at this time


    Our Blogger Friend's Giveaways:
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    Tara said...

    I am giving away a copy of "Isolation", a thriller by Travis Thrasher.

    Heather said...

    Hi there! I am having a giveaway at
    for my handmade Soy Linen & Body Spray! :)

    The Gift Closet